If you haven’t heard the news already, Camille is the blogger paired with Canadian diver, Jennifer Abel, for this year’s Pan Am Games which is officially starting in Toronto. We were invited to Toronto by Atoma and Proxime, proud sponsors of the Pan Am Games. Cam is currently in the Dominican Republic, which is why I had the chance to assist at the opening ceremony of the games, orchestrated by Cirque du Soleil. Cam will soon join me tonight in order to support Jennifer for tomorrow’s competition.

Yesterday’s show was breathtaking worthy of Cirque du Soleil’s notoriety: crazy costumes, lots of colors, amazing soundtrack, impressive acrobatics, etc. It started with a dance where many characters, who were representing Toronto’s diversity join a Native Amerindian on stage who was dancing with 5 massive rings (olympic ring, obviously). I truly enjoyed this part of the show. Here’s a small clip of the show (I have to point out the fact this was taken with my iphone which means the quality won’t be as good as a high end videocamera, but you still get a good idea):


Then, here’s our beloved athletes’ arrival. Pretty big deal: 41 countries participate to the Pan Am Games. We have to say that the American continent is pretty vast. I’ll admit this part of the night was long, but it was worth the wait, just to see our team coming out was a highlight. The Rogers Center was eclectic and it was amazing to witness such a grandiose moment.

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After that, it was the time of Cirque du Soleil to step on the stage. It was spectacular to say the least. I loved the way the giant screen was used: we’d see futuristic characters in amazing pictures which harmonized brilliantly with the act on stage. I always had a soft spot for acrobatics, but I’ll admit with the BMX arrival who started doing all sorts of crazy stunts on platforms located all throughout the stadium really impressed me (how can you not be?).

I was truly happy to have witnessed the Pan Am opening ceremony! Now the games can officially begin and there’s only one thing left to add: GO TEAM CANADA!!!

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