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I say this a lot but it’s because it’s the truth; I SHOP WAY TOO MUCH.  I buy a lot of clothing, usually because I love it but sometimes when thrift shopping I buy some outfits because I find them cool.  It’s always relative to the price, if the article is cheap I don’t mind spending the money, even if I only get the chance to wear them once.  Sometimes I don’t even know if I’ll get a chance to wear that piece but I just can’t leave it there on the sad rack waiting for another future buyer.  Before all the Goodwill’s closed down I had one of their stores about an eight minute walk from my place.  I found a lot of treasures at that store from CELINE shoes to vintage Gap sweaters (the store closed down over a year ago now and I still haven’t turned the page HAHA).  My grief over Goodwill is still in process (as you can see) but that’s for a future article.  Today I wanted to share two items in my wardrobe which I fell in love with again.  I know these are pretty much unique at this point but you can find similar styles in most stores at the moment.  

The floral pants

I bought these pants over two years ago now but last week was my first time wearing them.  This type of design always leaves me in doubt; the pajama look creeps up as soon as I put them on.  The truth is floral pants are the hardest thing to wear.  But they are in again and I am here to help you find a match for those pants of yours.  When wearing a statement piece like this you need to make them the star of the show.  By that I mean the rest of your outfit should be “blandish”.  For the pictures of this article I wore my pants with a simple white t-shirt embellished with a little embroidery.  This was a casual street wear style outfit. I could have made this outfit a bit more proper by wearing a white or any pastel colour (present on the pants of course) button up shirt or hippie loose style button up.  Now the shoes.  I often figure out my whole outfit and forget about the shoes and then it takes another 10 minutes to figure out which ones fit the best.  Since the design of these pants is in pastel colours I had to eliminate any black shoes from the equation.  This eliminates most of my shoes which makes it easier.  Then since I went for more of a street wear vibe I knew I wanted somewhat of a running shoe.  My white Keds sneakers were the perfect match for this outfit.  Again, if I would have worn a button up shirt a pair of light colour high heeled strap sandals or a white pair of leather fancy slips would’ve been my go to. 

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The limited edition rose suede jacket

Usually when I am in any thrift shop setting I stay away from common brands since I know I can buy these at a reasonable price brand new.  But that day I was lucky enough to find a limited-edition H&M rose “real” suede leather jacket.  H&M often does limited edition collaboration collections and this jacket of mine was part of one.  Again, I had never really worn it because it is pretty out there, but right now it fits the trendy large frill wrist trend.  So, this is where I come to talk about frills.  This season it’s all about the frill and I love it.  Give the frill a chance and dress it up tastefully because again frills are something that can become tacky very quickly.  Like I mentioned with the floral designs I would make the frill the star of the outfit as well.

I hope you love my vintage finds as much as I do but even though they are from a thrift shop, these are current spring looks that can be found in most stores. Here are links to similar outfits that can be purchased right now in Canada.  Happy shopping, ladies!

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