I’m a granny in so many ways. Luckily everything granny style is fashionable at the moment. Whether it’s cooking, knitting, sewing everybody is into the DIY projects. I associate the do it yourself phenomenon with my grandparents whether it’s making your own Halloween costumes or fixing up furniture. Most people these days just buy it pre-made and don’t even bother finding a way to fix the old. I am not one to complain about our millennial generation since we were raised by passed generations. Lifestyles have changed and everything is so fast paced and we invent stuff to make our lives easier. What makes me happy is that some people still find the time to come back to those old habits which have been shared for generations. Today I wanted to talk about the hype of the moment; embroidery. I remember my mom showing me embroidery projects we had inherited from my grandmother. To this day, I had associated the art of embroidery to elderly people, a hobby for grand-mothers… well guess what that hobby is now the most fashionable thing out there.

All this to say a few months ago I was liking and commenting on pictures on Instagram and stumbled across a pretty cool profile. That night I was a stalker; that one person who likes 45 pictures on a single profile in 10 seconds. Adele’s profile caught my eye. She owns an Etsy shop and posts the coolest pictures. Just like that we started e-mailing back and forth and she made me this amazing one of a kind embroidery shirt. I love DIY projects but I would never have the patience to excel in the art of embroidery. In the past year, I have bought so many simple shirts with embroidered flower designs, I feel like that’s the common design and can be found in most stores. As you all know because I mention it every week, I thrive to be unique and original and working with Adele allowed me to own the most personal piece of clothing I could ever own. If you are looking for that piece of art check out her Etsy profile   and let her know what type of embroidery you would like on your shirt. I love shopping on Etsy, it is a totally different online shopping experience. You can find pretty much everything and usually the best gift ideas.

On another note you can find nice clothing pieces with embroidery in a lot of stores. I find Free People has a nice selection of bohemian embroidered shirts and dresses. I love the bohemian vibe but when it comes to embroidery I prefer to opt for the minimalist style where it is a simple appliqué on a white or black T-shirt. You can discover the neutral designs at stores like Zara and Top Shop. For this article, I wore my lovely shirt made by Adele Jackson Designs with a pair of black silk gypsy cut pants, simple beige ballerina flats and a baby pink suede purse all purchased at Nordstrom (since this store has opened in Toronto it has literally been eating out of my wallet).

Overall, regardless of the way you decide to get your embroidery art, you absolutely need to rock this style this summer. Let us know in the comment section below where you found your most original piece.

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