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People ask me on a daily basis where I purchase certain pieces of clothing. It is really rare that I can say “run to H&M I bought it there last week!” I have nothing against stores like H&M, Forever21, Zara, Aritzia etc. but I try to purchase my wardrobe in more unique settings. My biggest pet peeve is to cross someone on the street with the same outfit (hasn’t happened in years). Last Thursday I had the chance to go to the TFI & Press Buyer’s Tradeshow FW17/18. This type of event is perfect for someone like myself. I get the chance to discover new brands with unique designs. I find it important to encourage local designers. They are a part of our culture and a lot of people tend to go for the cheap disposable options or simply the brand names. I met many designers and businesses but I decided to talk about the ones that I feel reach my age group and followers. 

Rocking Vibe: Before I talk about their brand I had to share that the day of the event I posted a story on Instagram featuring their jewelery; and I kid-you-not a couple of people reached out to me right away to find out where they could purchase their products. To me that’s a product speaking for itself. Aside from this anecdote I was lucky enough to meet with the beautiful Liana Louzon, the designer of these beauties. She shared with me that her whole idea was to create a bohemian style of jewellery with a dressy look. Borrowing and agreeing with her thoughts that most of the time bohemian jewellery is very much laid back and can’t be worn for a proper outing. But who said bohemian had to be cotton threads and stones? Her bohemian gypsy take on jewellery is very innovative and I fell in love. LITERALLY.

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Kate Austin Designs: I met my soul sister of textile designer. No joke her stand was in the left corner of the whole exhibition and it’s the first one I saw as I walked in. Kate’s textiles are a walking pieces of art. She designs them by herself and they are then made in India or Peru. Her collection is very unique, retro and perfect for any vacation setting. The use of exotic textiles brings her simple tasteful designs to a tropical resort. Let me tell you, if you wear one of her kimonos for an evening out in a Punta Cana resort the whole room will lay eyes on you (in a good way, trust me). I would also see myself wearing one of her stretchy organic cotton jersey dresses for an evening out on a terrace this summer. Overall what are you waiting for? Go check out her website.

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C.C Artstyle: I’ve always been in front of the camera but in the past couple of years I found a certain passion for photography, and guess what? C.C Artstyle is all about photography and fashion. This mother and daughter duo are separated by an ocean but still found a way to connect through art. Their Toronto based brand based focuses on making their prints out of their own pictures taken in France. They then apply that print on either silk scarves, phone cases or purses. Their designs are fun, playful and retro. I fell in love with their Parisian style silk scarf. When thinking about France I always think about that cliché beret, silk scarf and baguette but I love anything international and that is the feel I got when viewing their collection. You can purchase your little piece of France on their website

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Nopaulagies: As a writer, I love play on words and this brand is all about minimalist comfy and meaningful unique quotes. A couple of years ago, we all fell head over heels for Peace Collection here in Toronto, and this is the same type of minimalist fashion that I fall for over and over again. When I meet a designer that has the best hair-cut and retro frames I know I’m going to love the collection just as much. This designer started off as a teacher and her whole story inspired her collection. She has many quotes but only about three types of shirts which I like because it’s all about the words. Visit her website and find the quote that means something to you:

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Metattitude: The whole concept of this brand intrigued me to the highest level. Jeans are the hardest thing to purchase, talking for myself but I’m sure I am not alone on this. When I find a pair of jeans that fits regardless of the price I buy them, okay I won’t pay $1000, but you get the point. This brand makes jeans for you and by that, I mean choosing your own denim (which is environmental friendly) out of their options and sending your measurements, the jeans are made just for you. Isn’t that awesome? To find out more check out:

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This is just a glimpse of the designers I was fortunate to meet. Hopefully this will help you seek for uniqueness this season. Encouraging locals feels amazing, and I am not saying to stop shopping in the major international retails. I push you to invest in local businesses because our city is filled with talent. If you own a business in Toronto and would like me to visit, please leave a comment in the space bellow with the name or your store and it will be my pleasure to make my way there!

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