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I just came back from vacation and, I won’t lie, I’m out of it.  I love writing, love sharing my thoughts/opinions but right now, sitting in front of my computer, I can’t seem to pinpoint what I really want to write about.  So many things are running trough my head as some possible subjects I could discuss with you guys.  Are they fashion related? Yah, I guess most of them are but sometimes I feel like Iv’e been around everything fashion related.  So today, I wanted to talk about a challenge.  It’s a challenge I’ve tried before and  failed.  I failed big time.

spring cleaning

This challenge came back to life because my best friend will be crashing a few nights a month at my place  and that means that I need to make some space In my closet.  I  don’t know if I have ever talked about my little but beautiful one bedroom apartment.  If I have, I am sorry and if I haven’t, well here it goes. I moved to Toronto from Montreal about five years ago.  The first few months I was living with three friends in a house in Mississauga.  Coming from the city of Montreal and moving to a suburb like Mississauga wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies.  The moment I stepped in that house on airport road (literally on the tarmac of Pearson airport, I felt like I was taking off and landing during the whole day) I knew I wanted to leave soon but not to go back to Montreal.  Nooo! I wanted to be in the centre of this big city. I wanted to give a chance to Toronto.  I had always dreamed of leaving Montreal for somewhere bigger and busier.  Most of us (Montrealers) arrive to the GTA  and live in a suburb because Toronto is very  expensive (the current average for the rent of a one bedroom apartment is 1800$) but because of that, you don’t get to appreciate the real city.  Long story short after six painful months in Mississauga I moved downtown Toronto or “Toronno” (as we call it) with my good friend who had moved from Montreal to attend school.  We were both living in a one bedroom apartment (that’s all we could afford) but guess what we were living the dream downtown the NYC of Canada.  All this to say, she ended up moving back to Montreal and I kept our charming 1900 apartment.  Since then, I’ve  accumulated a lot, maybe too much clothing.  I have two closets, one being a walk in and two commercial racks in my living room or should I say in my third closet.  The news of having my friend crash in my apartment once in a while inspired me to do a massive cleaning to make room for a few pieces of clothing of hers.  To add to this challenge I decided that if I was cleaning and getting rid of some clothing I shouldn’t buy more either because that would be totally counter productive. 

Last time I tried this challenge it was to save money and of course that is a plus but it isn’t the main reason this time around.  Maybe getting rid of the clutter will be more motivating then money who knows? Las time the challenge lasted literally three minutes and then just faded away like those New Years gym resolution.  This time around I decided I would share an outfit a week with you guys.  That outfit will be previous summer fashion, but trust me I will be able to make it look 2017.  I will also share my struggles because I know there will be some.

So stay tuned for my summer adventures because of course I won’t stretch this challenge to September and I think that’s whats gonna make it realist this time. Three months is short enough… I guess?

To be continued…

This weeks outfit consist of;

Jean jacket: bought in 2010 at Value Village

Shirt: Winners 2016

Shorts: Lush clothing 2016

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