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A while back I went to an event representing The Booklet and met an amazing girl, Jessica.  You know when you meet someone and feel like you know them?  Well I actually knew her without knowing her personally.  A friend of mine had tried to make us connect for a while and it had never happened.  Jessica is a designer.  And our love for fashion made us bond.  Fashion is more than a word it’s a connection between people.  Without knowing someone, fashion creates an unspeakable bond between individuals.  It’s a community and makes all of us fashion lovers create an unspoken connection.  Whether it’s the photographer, the designer, the makeup artist, the model or the simple fashion critic we all have something in common, the passion and love of couture.  After meeting at the trade show our common friend organised a little gathering for us to finally get more time to chit chat about her company.  I love meeting creative people, I have modeled for several years before really finding what I was in the fashion industry.  I always had an eye when it came to clothing and for a long time I wanted to study fashion. However, I don’t think fashion is something that can be studied it’s in your blood (not degrading anybody that studied in fashion I just think it’s not something that can be learned, you have it or you don’t of course a diploma is important though).

C.C Artstyle spoke to me in many ways; whether it is the mother-daughter perspective of the designs or simply the creativity behind it all.  I love directing and styling shoots and this week that’s what Jess and I met for.  Jess is all about organisation and I am all about ideas and putting fashion accessories at their best value.  The bags and scarves of C.C Artstyle are out there and I believe they should be the star of many outfits. Before I talk about their fall collection I want to share a bit more about their brand.  I have spoken about this brand in a previous article, but if you haven’t read it I feel like I need to give you a brief recap.  Jessica (the designer of the brand) works with her mother’s French photography; prints the artistic pictures on silk scarves, pocket squares, phone cases and bags.  She is French, but has grown up in Montreal.  A few years back she moved to Toronto shortly after her mom moved back to France, their brand keeps them together. 

c.c. artstyle c.c artstyle c.c. artstyle

This week I had the chance to model and style a shoot for C.C Artstyle.  We focused on the bags, scarves and phone cases.  The printed bags are very colourful and should be the star of the outfit.  I personally fell in love with the backpack because who couldn’t fall in love with a vegan leather print backpack?!  The edginess of the design inspired me.  This bag is part of the fall collection and is perfect for a fashionista going back to school.   The bag is big enough to carry all of your necessities. Overall it’s a perfect sized backpack.  The silk scarves are very trendy as well, the sophisticated 60’s style brings me back to Gossip Girl and the famous Blair Waldorf fashion statement.  I paired both accessories with simple black dresses.  As for the phone case, I just am a sucker for the retro design.  I loved the case so much that it replaced my current glittery case.  Overall you haven’t seen the end of C.C Artstyle. 

Jess and I have plans for the future and we will work on many more creative shoots.  Visit her website to order your original backpack before there are none left!

c.c artstyle c.c artstyle

The look:

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Winners

Scarf, bag & phone case: C.C Artstyle

Photos by: Jessica Hofman
c.c artstyle

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