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As we're getting closer and closer to warmer weather (YAY), I'm gradually starting to add lighter and happier clothing to my wardrobe. So what better way to look forward to Spring and Summer, than to look at forecasted trends and get a whole bunch of ideas. Trends that I really enjoy during the warmer weather is florals and pastel colours, they'll both never go out of style and so fun to style. But I'm ready to amp it up this year, so hopefully we'll see loud colours, maybe a lot of stripes, and some mesh? maybe? hopefully. That being said, here are the trends I found on various editorial magazine websites.


1. Modern Ruffles 

This is one of my favorites because I've been noticing on a lot of online websites that sutle, yet elegant ruffles are making a come back and I couldn't be more excited about it. There is a tight ruffle which reminds me of the elderly, but then there are big loose ruffles that look so feminine and fun. Here's a great example from BCBG's new runway collection:

bcbg, runway, dress, allwhite



2. Bralettes

Although bralettes have been a huge trend since the beginning of last year, they're still here to stay and that is such good news. Ways you can wear a bralette is layered under mesh shirts, with deep V t-shirts, or even on top of shirts or dresses. The cutest and most comfortable bralettes are hands down from Aritzia, here's my monthly fav bralette from them: 

aritzia, bralette, socomfy, beige



3. Statement Stripes

Nothing better than some stripes, whether they be statement or not, it gives your outfit such an easy breezy (cover girl) look and absolutely perfect for the spring/summer time. Pairing a striped top with white pants or shorts with a pair of espadrilles is literally my favourite. Here's an example of a statement stripe piece from zara (aka the best place to look for striped garments): 

zara, blue, red, longsleeve



4. Sportswear / Atheleisure

Athleisure is basically wearing a casual outfit with some comfy leggings, a possible baseball cap, and really cool sneakers. My favourite athleisure outfits are mostly worn at school so I can be extremely comfy in leggings and a t-shirt, but then able to show off my new season sneakers off. Here's a pinterest example of athleisure wear: 

comfy, blackandwhite, outfit, sporty



5. All Florals

Although floral print has been around for decade after decade, it's making another strong appearence in this year's warmer weather, but a little more edgy. According to various fashion magazines, we're looking at full floral looks (which I MIGHT try to attempt). Here's an example of a lovely pant from Banana Republic that you can wear during transition weather (like now-ish) and during a night out in the S/S time:

darkcolours, flowers, pant



6. Tulle

Tulle is also going to make a strong appearence in the spring and summer time, but when I say tulle I don't mean full on tutu style tulle, I mean subtle and elegant tulle under casual tops, and maybe even some casual night-out summer dresses. Here's an example from Zara's new collection, it's actually perfect:

modern, tulle, black, zara



7. Mini Bags

Handbags, tote bags, and small shoulder bags are always been popular and hopefully always will, but mini bags are going to be taking over the spotlight this spring/summer. They are the cutest things ever and so perfect for when you want to go for a night out, especially since you don't bring that many things with you to begin with. Here's an example of a cute mini bag from Zara: 

mini, purse, black, zara


Hope this brightened someone's fashionable day, and let us know in the comments below what trend you're most excited about for S/S 2017 xxx

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