I have talked a often enough sports on the blog in recent months. I felt like I should for a long time, but I wondered if it was the right platform to do so. Then I told myself that this is where we speak every day, then this is definitely the best place. Sports, it has long been the center of my life. This is no longer so. I still feel pleasure in the fact that I can move, but I do not want to win like I did in my adolescence. I remember that then, the time of my 200m butterfly was centre to my life. I often thought. I do not feel like it, but I hope that other young girls and boys can live it. Swimming competitions are one of the greatest gifts my parents made me. It gave me the discipline, the rigour and the passion that made me the entrepreneur that I am today.

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To tempt others to move, we need an inspiring role model in sports that we can connect with. I never felt attracted to hockey. This is not my sport. And has NOTHING to do with hockey as a sport (I did not want to receive the oncoming comments on CH). When I was swimming, there was much talk of Alexander Popov, Pieter Van Den Hoogenband and so on, it was with Phelps naturally. But beyond limited to his sport, a face for amateur sport is missing in Quebec, like the extreme sport. Some names manage to resonate, but too few.

One of those that we know is Jennifer Abel, and even better! Yet again. When I spoke to her in recent weeks to explain to my friends that we are twinned for media coverage of the Panam Games, we often look at me with big eyes. I was describing and I was told: “Oh yeah !!”. This is not normal. She is Olympian. It goes further, she is an Olympic medalist. And again, she is a medal hopeful at future games. That is huge! Getting to this level requires a ton of discipline, are years to dedicate herself to her passion. Why am I telling you all this? Because Friday, Viv will be at PanAm Games with Atoma and I’ll be there on Saturday to cheer on our athletes here and have the chance to see Jennifer. I find it important that Le Cahier and The Booklet puts forward these athletes talked about too little in most media today. They have their place. They are role models. Jennifer inspires many young divers to pursue their dream. I met her a few times in the last few years. Always smiling, open, she likes to talk about her passion and her lifestyle. With social networking, she transmits her love of sport and travel, but also her deep friendship with her friends with whom she trains with. She is really a woman to discover and look forward to see her Sunday!

Who are your role models in sport that you follow?

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PSST: Did you know that she’s also a fan of fashion? Here are some of the pretty pictures from her Instagram!
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