As I was sorting through my wardrobe, a few months ago, one of my friends told me (with a bit of a laugh) that my two short denim skirts were out of style. I instantly told myself to get rid of the skirts… pronto. I sadly added them to the “donate” pile, telling myself that she was surely right. Later that evening, I put the skirts back in my closet. I simply wasn’t ready to let them go. And I’m glad.

Short denim skirts, circa 2004 (the year I graduated from high school), can be given a fresh new look by pairing them with today’s hottest trends. Start with the classic skirt: not too faded or studded, etc. If you want something a little more original and on-trend, opt for a skirt with bits of embroidery or add some of your own.

For today’s look, I chose an off the shoulders blouse; a style we see everywhere nowadays. I added a touch of chic with a pair of Prada sunglasses from IRIS. Lastly, I decided to wear a pair of clogs to add bohemian flair to my outfit. Do you like it?

The Look:

Blouse – Marshalls

Skirt – Mavi

Footwear – L’intervalle

Sunglasses – IRIS

Photography by – Andrée-Anne Joly

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