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Highs and lows, moments of joy and of sorrow, difficult times, big projects and smaller ones too, fascinating conversations… Does this describe your relationship?

In life, nothing lasts forever, everything changes. How many times have you been told, when going through a rough patch: “after the rain, comes the sun”. Such a banal phrase and yet so true. Things can get better if you’re willing to invest the necessary time and energy to make them better!

You don’t have to spend a small fortune or take a trip around the world to invest in your relationship. Here is a multitude of simple and inexpensive ways you can invest in your love… I leave it to you to choose the ones that suit you best.

Pssst… you don’t need to wait until your relationship is in peril to start investing in it! Love and relationships, in general, require a certain commitment of time and energy on a regular basis! (Which is something we don’t always do…)

  • Reserve a table at a quaint restaurant and get dressed up just like you would if this was a first date;
  • Go to the movies and share a bucket of popcorn;

chocolat chaud détente soiréeSource : Pixabay

  • Do some stargazing as you talk about everything and nothing;
  • Run barefoot on the beach, hand in hand;
  • Look at some pics as you share memories of your first days together; days when you felt like you were floating on a cloud;
  • Dance in the rain, kiss in the rain;
  • Go to the zoo to marvel over the beauty of the exotic animals;
  • Write a few words of love on a scrap of paper, tuck it in a bottle, and throw it into the sea;

mer eau voyageSource : Pixabay

  • Watch a fireworks show lying side by side on the ground;
  • Make a snowman and give him a name;

bonhomme de neige noel décorationSource : Pixabay

  • Picnic in a pretty spot; it doesn’t necessarily have to be far from home;
  • Roast marshmallows over a campfire;
  • Ring in the new year with a kiss;
  • Plant a tree in honour of your love;
  • Take a road trip to a few villages you’ve never visited before;
  • Prepare a special meal for just the two of you. Pick up what you need at the grocery and then set the mood with a little jazz music playing softly in the background as you prepare the food;
  • Tuck a love letter under your partner’s pillow, place one in his car, or in an unexpected spot;
  • Wrap yourselves up in blankets and have a movie marathon on a rainy day;
  • Watch the sunset, cuddled close together;
  • Have your pictures taken in a photobooth as you make silly faces;
  • Go out for breakfast or skip the restaurant altogether and make something tasty at home. How about breakfast in bed?
  • Munch on a bagful of candies as you watch a movie at the drive-in theater;
  • Share some ice-cream on a hot summer day (or during a snowstorm!);

crème glacée dessert fraisesSource : Pixabay

  • Have a candle lit bubble bath;
  • Have a pillow fight or a water balloon fight just like when you were a child!
  • Slow dance in your living room;
  • Play a round of mini-golf and may the best man win!
  • Give each other a massage with a little massage oil, candles, and the whole shebang;
  • Go camping for a weekend;
  • Engrave your initials in a tree;
  • Do some bodypainting and watch the sparks fly…

Love is like a fire; you need to feed it if you want to keep it burning brightly. Otherwise, it will slowly dwindle until it eventually dies. Keep that flame alive and all will be well.

I wish you all the love in the world for many many years to come…

heart coeur amourSource : Pixabay

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