Who doesn't love red. This colour we instantly notice when one wears it. I rarely dare this colour in my everyday life since I opt for black pieces. However, wearing today's featured colour in a monochromic way is a genius idea. 

C'Glam is a boutique located on the South Shore on Montreal, at Dix-30 to be more precise, and offers unusual pieces for the modern women. During our February photo shoot, the owner, Catherine, chose to create an all red look ideal for girls who love to push to be eccentric in terms of fashion. I love the top with a high neck with its fringes. I know for some wearing red from head to toe might seem intense, but know it is easy to wear the bottom or the top with a neutral colour or even a jean shorts.

In order to complete the outfit by showcasing Montreal entrepreneurs, I paired the look with jewelry from It's Welldunn. The latter was founded by Dominique Dunn in 2011 and offers boho-chic inspired jewels. Long story short, Dominique is a graphic designer and was once an intern for Codmorse back when our office was located on St-Denis street in Le Plateau. Back then, she made a few jewelry and sold them online with a few retail points here and there. Back at the blog, we were already in love with her creations and wear them as soon as we were able to get our hands on them. What a delight to see that only after a few short years, she now sells her creations throughout the province and this passion of hers has now become her official source of income. With over 30 points of sale in Canada and Australia, we're inviting you to visit her website in order to discover the latest accessory trends.





I'm wearing :

Clothes – C'Glam

Shoes – La Canadienne

Jewelry – Welldunn

MUA – Ann-Frédéric Tremblay

Photos – Matt Ayotte Photo

Location – Hôtel Le Crystal


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