Let’s talk about hockey today, shall we? It’s no secret that hockey here is  part of our culture. It’s the way it is. Nothing can change that. You have two choices here, whether you bury your head in the sand and simply pretend this sport doesn’t exist or, you like it, love it or live for it. If this “obviously hockey runs through my veins and I pray to god before each games-Lord Stanley and the Holy Habs- I will surely be tempted to watch the games” category, well this article is for you then.


canadiens de montréal, séries, hockey

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That say, we all know the Habs are currently in the first round of the playoffs. Today marks the sixth game against New York’s Rangers and since we lost both Tuesday’s and Friday’s game… tonight’s will surely be stressful yet an exciting one. If we win, we’ll breath a bit and tie against the Rangers until the ultimate game 7. So tonight, now’s the occasion to be a proud Quebecer and support our boys.

In order to celebrate as any good Montrealer, several options are fit for the festivities. Pizza, beers, a few friends and a huge tv in your living room can be quite the setup. However, if you wish to go out, here are a few suggestions on the island where you’re undoubtedly have the time of your life.

Fitzroy is in the heart of Le Plateau Mont-Royal. You have a dozen pool and fußball tables at your disposition. That say, if ever you’re not that into hockey, just a thought. They also offer a great menu for food, beers and have great signature cocktails. The place is stunning and the atmosphere is spot on. Here’s the address:  551, avenue du Mont-Royal Est.

canadiens de montréal, séries, hockey

Photo : Fitzroy

Taverne Normand, a true local pub that is super busy and where sport is king. The atmosphere is really friendly and the supporters are noisy AF. It’s pretty much the best place to get started with a Canadian game. And besides, it’s so popular that I advise you to arrive very early to have a table. Beer is cheap, so enjoy it while you relax a bit before the game begins. 1550, avenue du Mont-Royal Est.

Chez Serge, Another classic for a successful hockey night. With its 9 screens, you’ll be sure you won’t miss anything. You’ll even find a TV in the men’s bathroom. I mean, come on! It’s not that weird since imagine if you’re in there and miss the winning goal? Thought so. Hockey game means celebration which is why Chez Serge is the perfect place to be with their DJ, music and even entertainment where the bartenders hop on the bar and start dancing. Oh and before I forget, there’s also the mechanical bull. You know where I’m getting at. If you haven’t been, I strongly suggest you in writing this place on your to-do list ASAP.  5301, boul. Saint-Laurent.

Les verres stérilisés, the place where it’s acceptable to arrive with your poutine from La Banquise. I mean, there’s no need to say more. 800, rue Rachel est.

Evidently, there are tons of other great places I can list here. If ever you step outside of your house, I’m sure you won’t have to go far to find a happy hockey place. Because hockey is perhaps a sport, both it’s both culture, social cohesion, fun and our pride.

carey price, canadiens de montréal, séries, hockey

Photo : NHL News

We believe in our god… Carey Price!

The Montreal Canadiens have won 24 times the Stanley Cup, making Nos Glorieux the most successful club in hockey history in the entire world!!! Well, I know we haven’t won still 1993, but we still gotta have faith, don’t we?

PK might be gone, but we’ve have gotten Team Canada’s pillar in exchange…


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