I believe interpersonal relationships must have several dimensions and could be lived in various ways. In today's society, we made an enormous step forward as regards the open-mindedness and tolerance except it might not mean that both partners are always in sync. For some, an open relationship is an alternative to break a routine and spicing things up, for others those relationships rime with taking a break and give yourself a chance to f*ck your neighbor without the guilt trip that follows. It could also come in handy if you're in a long distance relationship. In brief, here are your 10 guidelines to read before embarking in a open relationship.

Avoid your close friends. I know it's easy access and this can save you a lot of time, but it might stir some bad mojo in your friendship. Oh and forget about your coworkers. It doesn't take long before you guys become the topic of the hour around the coffee machine the following morning. Maybe make a list of people/partners you have the right to see and to stick with those. We're just talking here.

Don't fall in love. It's not The Bachelorette here. If you know yourself and feel you'll develop any feelings if you sleep somewhere else, well don't do it. Or else, leave your boyfriend. It's not the time to play with someone's feelings.

Get a subscription to a screening clinic. And be safe. It's not original to give your boyfriend herpes or Chlamydia on Christmas. And same goes for him, don't let him bring his car in your garage before he went to the mechanic. 

No need to blab about it. I mean, you can still be subtle and keep things to yourself even in 2016.

Don't befriend jealousy. It's clear that if your boyfriend is sleeping with a 9 and you feel like a solid 5, you'll quickly feel jealous. Which is why making yourself a list of potential partners might be a good idea. Ensure he only sleeps with 6 or 7s. That say, your ego will be intact. 

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Give yourself an expiration date. Whether it's 3 days, a week or a month, don't let it take too much space. It's easy to lose control when there's nothing written down on a piece of paper. Maybe it'd be you who won't be able to stop. 

Let the trust and communication Hunger Games begin! You won't have the choice and you'll have to be honest and have a painful conversation once in a while. And if it works out, it will strengthen the communication in a way between you two and also your relationship. I know a girl who after she's spent the night at her guy's place, woke up and went to the bathroom to do her morning thing. She saw makeup remover pads with makeup on the latter. I mean the guy she's seeing doesn't have a roommate and no, he isn't a part-time drag-queen. There's nothing wrong in asking to clean up the place before getting a girl over. 

Don't try to save your relationship by having an open one. It's like ripping your hands off and trying to glue in back. Stop imagining thins when you're clearly aware of what's going on. Thanks.

You need to establish your limits and stick to them. If there's nothing established between you too, it'll straightly go downhill from there, same thing as if you'll bake a care without clear instructions. Your cake will be as fucked up as your love life. Mark my words.

And if it doesn't work out, get the f*ck out. Duh.

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