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The time of the year is here, the time for bathing suit shopping.  I know you’re thinking not quite yet since the weather has been horrible in the past couple of weeks.  But I say the sooner the better.  I think I shared this with you guys in the past but every year I need to add one new bathing suit to my collection.  I honestly never stop myself at only one swimsuit purchase but I promise myself to at least one.  This year I started my bathing suit hunt in April because I always find it extremely difficult to find the perfect fit.  I didn’t really know where to go, and I often feel that going in boutiques and department stores makes my swimwear common. In the past I have encountered ladies wearing the same suit as I was.  If there is one thing I hate is being caught having the same outfit as someone else, hence why I decided to move my bathing suit search to the internet.  As a shopaholic, shopping online is something really hard for me.  I love to shop in stores to find the perfect deals and to find the perfect fit.  I find it hard to buy something that I see on a screen and the hardest part is to wait for it to be delivered by snail mail (most websites make you pay $20 more for express shipping which aggravates me).

You probably know where this is going but I went against my usual 1920’s old fashioned ideas and decided to start shopping online.  I went on many known websites such as TRIANGL and don’t get me wrong their bathing suits are lovely and of good quality, but I didn’t feel like spending over $100 on a bathing suit that I hadn’t even tried (plus the shipping was outrageous).  I remembered I had liked this website a couple years ago called “zaful.” I had filled up many carts but I never had made it through the final steps… the check out.  Well two hours later after I had selected about 67 bathing suits (no exaggeration) I finally decided I really had to purchases at least one.  Most of their swimsuits range from 10 to 35 dollars so what was I really risking.  I ended up selecting two and guess what? The shipping was free but the delivery was estimated for seven to thirty days.  I read many reviews which were always positive but they all said the shipping would take the whole thirty days since they were from China. 

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Thirty days later (the longest thirty days of my life), my doorbell rang and I received my two lovely bathing suits.  One being a bikini and the other a one piece.  I usually need different sizes for the top and the bottom but magically everything fit perfectly.  The quality was impressively good and my total purchase with delivery was only 35$ (I know, hard to believe).  What made me the happiest was how special they are, they looked exactly like the pictures and are the most unique swimsuits I have ever owned.  Overall the granny in me is now an obsessive online shopper.  Only for bathing suits for the moment but no promises that this won’t change in the future.  They say online shopping will destroy retail, and after my positive experience I believe it. 

Now it’s your turn, go find your unique fit online and tell us all about the website you used and your experience in the comment space below.

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