The Journey

I woke up last Thursday morning and as usual I changed my 8-month-old daughter’s diaper, then proceeded to change my 2-year-old daughter’s too. That morning my eldest decided she was DONE with diapers, she said, and I quote, “ No diaper mom no!” I asked her if she would use the toilet instead and she insisted that she would. And so, our potty training journey began…

Baby in a Toilet

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Now I want to be clear here and say that 2 days earlier she did not want ANYTHING to do with the potty/toilet and I was starting to wonder if my child would still be wearing diapers in kindergarten (Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous but I was discouraged). Anyways, I left her bare bottomed thinking I might as well give it a shot. I put a show on TV for them (Yes, I am a horrible mother I let my kids watch cartoons in the morning), installed my youngest in her Exersaucer while I went for a quick shower and then started breakfast.

I asked Lili (the eldest) to go potty and she did, with no hesitation either and then reality hit me, she was actually going to do this, I was going to be stuck in the house with a half-naked toddler having accidents all over the place. We went in full force since I was convinced I would not be using pull-ups during the day because I did not want to be training her for months, I felt we could do this fast and efficiently.

First 3 days, we had an average of 3 accidents a day (two kids to shower since the baby would always be a foot away from the pee puddle, clearly she had to play in the “water” right?) then we visited my dad and she had to wear pants since, you know, I don’t want her to be naked when we are outside the house. Well, it was awful, she probably felt like she had a diaper because she was wearing pants and she had accidents the entire day. I got a few comments, “maybe she just isn’t ready?” or “she should wear pull-ups so she doesn’t pee herself” (now even I was starting to question my “No pull-ups deal” but we stuck to it).

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Funny thing is, a few weeks ago we started getting questions and comments from family members, friends and even neighbours… For example, “Is she really still wearing diapers? Isn’t she a bit old for that?” or “Isn’t it time for you guys to potty train her, she is getting old you know?” Clearly, they don’t realize how confusing this is to parents and you should only listen to your child’s signs.

Well, the next day, she woke up with a dry pull-up (she usually always does since she pees right before bed) and my spouse decided he was going to leave her PJ bottoms on. To our surprise, she only had 1 accident that day, from now on she would be wearing loose pants 24/7 (Commando).

What I Learned Along the Way

We are on day 7 now, she has not had one single accident today! We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I, quite frankly, only have one thing to say: Your child will let you know when they are ready for this next big step in their life, only you can decide what the best way is and you absolutely have to listen to your child’s feelings/signs and ignore the negative comments.

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