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The nutritionist-Epicurean that I am appreciates enormously good restaurants, places where you don't have the feeling that for the price you're paying, you could've done better at home. When I travel, I keep this same mentality and hate finding myself in the first restaurant at stumble upon because I know nothing about my surroundings. 

Last winter, I thought I'd would spend 4 days in New York City and since this wasn't my first time in the Big Apple, I decided to spice things up for this trip for the foodie that I am. I decided to plan ahead since, well you know it's New York, and if you want to get a great table, you need to make a reservation. Two weeks before my departure, I browsed on several New York based foodie blogs in order to educate myself. After my research I ended up making a list of restaurants for dinner, others for lunch  and also some for happy hour. I have to stress that those chosen restaurants all have an excellent value for money. 

I'm hereby presenting your my four-day itinerary where my tasted buds bolted to cloud nine during this trip. These are the best places any foodie can ask for  while being in New York City, perhaps you'll soon be tempted to make the journey down to the Big Apple as well! 

1. Casa Enrique, Long Island city, Queens

Casa Enrique was awarded a star by the Michelin guide, which is the most prestigious recognition in the restaurant world. Party mood and bright ambiance with an outstanding service, we savoured typical and colourful Mexican dishes! I ordered Mole sauced enchiladas, which is a chocolate and plantain based sweet-salty sauce. And what to say about their Margarita: wow! My highlight of the whole trip!

enchiladas foodie new york

2. Chelsea Market, Chelsea, Manhattan

For lunch, I stopped by the vibrant Chelsea Market located in the heart of Chelsea's artistic borough. The latter is filled with local restaurants owners that are all innovative as each other. Hours of fun await you if you take the time to visit them from A to Z. As for me, I stopped by Mok Bar and ordered a vegan Ramen bowl. Simply delicious.

ramen foodie new york

3. El Quinto Pino, Chelsea, Manhattan

Still in Chelsea (I love this part of town), I went for dinner to this Tapas restaurant where a romantic and casual ambiance set the mood. In my opinion, when traveling, you know you're in a great restaurant once you're surrounded by locals and not by tourists. This was the exact feeling I had once I visited the premise. Here's a peek of my appetizers, which was an imported chorizo, some flesh of marinated sausage and a homemade cheese. 

chorizo foodie new york

4. The Wayland, East Village Manhattan

Well-known place for their Happy Hour specials, The Wayland is located in the hipster neighborhood of New York: Eat Village. It's by sitting by the bar, all smile that I tasted a few cocktails (well…. 2 or 3 but no more) and ate tasty oysters as starting dish. I highly suggest you this restaurant if you want to spend a great night out. 

5. Oiji, East Village, Manhattan

This restaurant isn't as visible as the other and is pretty narrow once you're inside. Really quick service and polite, this is a Korean tapas restaurant: nothing on the menu figures at Oiji that doesn't taste like heaven. What I recommend: Kimchi pork belly and Honey butter chips as dessert. 

Here it is my dear foodies. I hope it made you hungry. As for me though, I truly can't wait for my next visit!

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