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I am obsessed with many things in life and the UK is one of them.  Wait why am I sharing this?  Oh yah, it all started last week when I was lucky enough to represent The Booklet at No7’s Canadian launch.  The launch was held at the beautiful Templar Hotel downtown Toronto.  The event was hosted by LexPR Canada.  No7 is a cosmetic and skin care brand based out of the UK hence why I am mentioning my love for this charming part of the world.  They started selling their products at Boots, the famous British pharmacy.  Their creams have now been around North America for a few years and hopefully their cosmetics will make their way to this part of the world in the near future.

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On July 27th we were celebrating the arrival of their magical wrinkle serums.  Okay, okay, there is no such thing as magic but I guess this is the closest you’ll get to a magical solution for your wrinkles.  We all age and there is no way to escape it, even Botox doesn’t last forever.  My mom always told me: you have to start young and put wrinkle creams before they appear to prevent the early stages.  I guess she was right because No7 even has a youth serum which I already started using.  So before you make the bad decision of closing this page because you’re  too young and currently don’t have any wrinkles; this concerns young people too.  Wrinkle prevention is now a big phenomenon. I actually know a lot of women under the age of 30 already getting regular Botox injections to prevent the aging of their skin.  I am not here to sell you a product I don’t believe in.  I am the first consumer to be skeptical about miracle solutions.  When I see a miracle product on a display and haven’t heard a positive review from a friend or haven’t seen any before/after results I am not the one to chance it and waste money.  I am here today to give you that positive review I know I am looking for as a shopper.  Luckily No7 knows that there is a lot of skeptical  consumers  like myself and arranged a little presentation of their new serum line.  Learning the back bones behind it all made me understand how it really works when inventing a product like this one.  Doctor Mike Bell (scientific skincare advisor of the brand) showed us numerous successful stories and sold me to the serums.  I loved having a brief presentation on the products to understand more the scientific components behind the creams.  On another hand, as a customer You also need to understand that nothing will fully eliminate your wrinkles it will only reduce their appearance.  Also when using a product like this one you need to follow directions and be determined to apply it everyday, one time a week application will not do it.  The serums will be sold at Shoppers Drugmart starting September for a small sum of $36.  I find the pricing reasonable for the quality of the products and also for the fact  that it originated overseas. 

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The appearance of the products: I’ve shared this superficial side of me with you guys many times before, but I judge a book by its cover.  Am I the only one? No!  That’s why someone is paid to be dedicated to the designs of the labels.  But not only book covers are thought through also  cosmetic, music, wines, beers, food packaging… you name it.  For me the packaging of No7 spoke to me, very minimalistic, clear definition and I loved the choice of colour for each different serum.

Overall, I’ve been using No7 for a week now and obviously won’t see results for a few years now, I hope.  So ladies what are u waiting for? Another step to your daily routine won’t hurt your busy schedules.

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