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I could be talking about a wedding but I am not.  I used to be the all black outfit type girl. For some reason in the past few months I’ve got a thing for white. I guess my “emo” self went to heaven.  When entering stores it’s like I am drawn to white clothing. This is a very new feeling for me, just saying.  I used to never wear pale colours because I am the clumsiest human. I guess I stopped myself from wearing what I liked because I was scared of the end product.  When I wear black its like a stain camouflage.  It may sound gross said like that but if there is something that stains on the table for sure it will end up all over me.  I have a love/hate relationship with balsamic vinegar.  If you’ve ever encountered a balsamic stain you know what I am talking about.  But I came to the realization  that I am an adult and I should at least try to control myself.  I think most clumsy people are only like that because they try to do things too fast without always being aware of their surrounding.

beach look

This weeks I wanted to share my beachy outfit look with you guys.  So, first, I can’t get enough of those beach straw hats.  For some reason I love feeling glamorous and there is something about the oversized summer hats.  The hat I am wearing in the pictures of this article is from Nordstrom and I absolutely fell in love with the embroidery detail.  I’ve mentioned it before but this season it’s all about simple quotes and this hat makes any simple beach outfit a fashion statement.  Now, about my dress which I purchased at Winners.  I said the shoulder holes were over used and so 2016 but for some reason this dress spoke to me.  It is very classy and simple.  Without the shoulder showing, this dress wouldn’t look like anything.  I also fell in love with the frills. This outfit is my new dressy casual go to.  Oh and may I mention that white makes me look even tanner (I have been secretly laying down in the park near my apartment for an hour a day to keep a fancy natural tan).  To finalize this look I paired the whole outfit with “Birkenstock” style sandals by Sixteen bought at 8th and Main.  I love the massive soles, while minimalist they are very trendy.

beach look

What would be a beach day without beach accessories.  I know, lately it’s all about the fashionable floats but I didn’t feel like going in lake Ontario’s dirty water.  If you’ve never been to Toronto’s beaches, the water is frigid, meaning I’ll pass.  Oh and I don’t own a pool or live in a building with one so even though I love them I am resisting the float temptation.  My favourite summer accessory is the Australian style towel. 

Are you as in love as I am with the light beach look? 

beach look

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