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Sometimes I lack accessories, not shoes though jewellery mostly.  I used to be the type of girl that thought that if the jewellery I was wearing didn’t have sentimental value, then I shouldn’t be wearing  it.  In the past few years that theory has changed.  Now, I do own cheap meaningless jewellery to go with certain outfits.  It took a while for me to wear “fake” jewellery and you may think that comment sounds snobby but my grandfather (the man I will always admire the most) used to tell me; we are too poor to buy cheap.  That saying always stuck with me. When shopping if I would see a piece or accessory costing $20 I would save money to buy the one made out of silver which cost maybe $100.  A few years ago I moved in with my best friend in Toronto, this girl owns so much jewellery, she has the perfect fit for each outfit in her closet.  Like me, she does have meaningful pieces of jewellery but she also has fashionable jewellery to go with certain pieces of clothing.  Let me tell you, the number of outfits in her closet  is probably as high as the number of her necklaces and bracelets combined, and that means A LOT.  She changed me and made me realise some outfits need a certain type of necklace and vice versa (she still beats me on the number of possible combinations).  Accessories are a broader subject and it is way more than just jewellery and we often tend to forget that (myself included). Hats, hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, belts, bracelets, rings, shoes are all important accessories for your daily outfits.  That being said, I have a few lined up for this spring and I felt like sharing them with you guys today.  

Let’s start in chronological order from top to bottom. Hats: this upcoming season don’t even think about leaving your house without your baseball hat on your head.  I know! I know! They were in last season but they still are this year.  This makes me extremely happy since I often have bad hair days (#curlyhairproblems) and the baseball cap solves that issue.  Try not to wear it with a fancy outfit, then people may really think you only wore it to hide your hair disaster.  

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Necklaces: large, VERY LARGE chokers.  The one I am wearing in this article is shaped like a belt which is pretty awesome. Overall now when it comes to chokers the larger the better.  It should be a statement piece and can be worn to dress up a day to day outfit or simply for a night out with the girls.  


Rings: I’ve always been a ring freak.  I love wearing many of them and most of my rings are silver since I simply hate when they leave a metal smelling blue stain on my skin.  You can easily find cheap silver jewellery in most thrift shops (simple trick: to tell if it’s legitimate silver you’ll see the imprint of the number 925 inside of the ring).  So this season it seems like smaller rings are back so wearing a ring over your knuckle is still a thing.   Oh and please ladies choose a metal, by that I mean  all your rings are either gold or silver.  I know it’s a small detail but honestly it ruins the whole style if you don’t settle on either one.  


Denim espadrilles, sandal slip ons, slides, furry sandal slip ons: it’s an exciting season for footwear, you can be so innovative.  I’ve already mentioned a couple times how shoe obsessed I am. Have I? Well this season I have to collect myself because I would be spending my whole pay check(s) on shoes.  There’s still some snow on the ground and I already have purchased two pairs of spring shoes.  Are you guys ready to dare funky? Because spring 2017 is more than cool.  

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These are my must haves for this season, if you want to add to this list just leave a comment in the space below!

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