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First and foremost, I would like to apologize for using the word "fall" in the title, but what can I say, the latter is upon us! However, I wanted to share some good news: poncho season is right around the corner! YAY!! I love ponchos for their comfy characteristic and how versatile they are. Easy to wear and allowed in a work environment! In my case, I also categorize ponchos as capes, oversized scarves because anyway, we more or less wear them the same way (let's be real here). 

I love this one from Vero Moda in autumn inspired hues and with geometrical shapes! Paired with a light shade jeans, it'll also look wonderful! 

poncho, mode, vêtement


I also like this Forever21 one. Even if the latter is more classic, it is then really easy to pair with any other piece of clothing and can be worn to any kinds of occasions. 

poncho, fille, mode


To upgrade your look for office-wear, simply wear today's featured item with heels, such as booties or knee high heel boots and opt for neutral colours. 

poncho, style, noir


Once the weekend comes, or if you're lucky… in your everyday life attire… I mean there's no rules here, wear it with whatever your heart desires. A big win if you wish to be comfortable during a lecture. 

poncho, route, fille


What about you? Will you wear ponchos this fall season ?

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