It has been several years that we have been working with Onze Montréal. I never fail to be impressed with the diversity of pieces which the boutique offers,  always with a girly and comfy look, all at an affordable price. As we arrived the last time at the boutique in order to choose pieces we'd include to our latest monthly photo shoot, we both fell in love with several pieces honoring the city of Montreal, my beloved city. Cam appeared in a flared skirt on which is drawn a map of Montreal.  Today was then my turn, but with a stripe t-shirt/tunic that has the coat of arms of Montreal printed on the latter, we see the four emblems that represent the ethnic origins of the inhabitants of the city in the 19th century (yes my darlings, I've done my research). I love this little implied reference to Montreal (ok, maybe not that small), on a perennial fashionable piece, such as a long sleeves top with navy blue stripes on white and even has pockets. To complete the look, I chose at the boutique a pair of leggings -I rarely wear the latter, unless when I'm working out- but these babies called upon my name because they were made of velvet! Yes, velvet leggings, happiness throughout winter. Then, I chose a black knitted sweater with a collar that can fold up on itself. Love the versatility of a garment as this one. You can layer the latter with pretty much any other summer inspired item to dress it up or to bundle up during cold weather conditions and you're all set. 

onze montréal

onze montréal

I'm wearing:
Clothes – Onze Montréal
Shoes – Cartel
MUA – Ann-Frédérique Tremblay 
Photos – Vikki Snyder
Location – Loews Hôtel Vogue

onze montréal onze montréal _DSC5481 _DSC5456

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