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We are currently living in an era of social media supermodels, when we can basically see them every single day. We can see what they are eating, where are they shopping and what are they wearing. According to that, they started quietly dictate fashion trends to us.  

When it comes to 2017, it is definitely the year of edge, and probably the year when streetwear reaches its full glory. The brands that stole the spot underneath the spotlight are brands like Yeezy, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Supreme etc. and as we can see models are religiously wearing and imposing these brands and this style. This is why we decided to lead you through beauty and fashion trends that will definitely stick around during 2017. Enjoy, and welcome to the future.

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Massive puffer jackets

Oh God, these are going to be huge this year we can feel it. So many stylish celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian etc. are going crazy over them. They look like they are wearing huge sacs, but somehow manage to make them look incredibly stylish. Besides the futuristic gold, silver and metallic black colors, their another advantage is their comfyness as well as their ability to keep you warm (nylon has always been our best cold weather fighting companion).

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Striped nineties joggers

You have probably seen them already on Kendall, Rihanna etc. You know, those cool casual tracksuit bottoms with one simple stripe on the sides that you can find in every modern shop. The great thing about them is that you are staying on trend while you are staying comfortable, which is definitely a win-win scenario.  

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Natural Brows

Forget about overdone dramatic “Instagram brows on fleek” because in 2017 we are finally going to promote the natural beauty. Natural brows that are straight and naturally groomed not only look much more aesthetic, but they also make you seem much younger. Leave your tweezers, your eyebrow pencil alone and just put on a pinch of tinted gel to hold your beautiful fresh brows in place.


“I hate hoodies”, said no one ever. Over the last few seasons, hoodies are extremely popular. You are now going to see them being worn with fancy skintight trousers and patent boots (like Bella Hadid did in London last week), jeans, sweatpants – anything. They are super comfortable, great if you are feeling a little bit chubby today, and also are super useful – since they are serving you as kangaroo pouches (where you can put your keys, phone, wallet etc.

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Photo by Hieu Vu Minh

Fishnet stockings

Oh yes, bring 2005 back. There are two ways to approach to them: either to use them as an add-on or as an accessory by letting them peek just a little bit through the holes of your jeans or your see-through heels. They go great with mini-skirts, heavy boots, patterned outfits, slip dresses, printed oversized T-shirts, cropped jeans, leopard print, puffer jackets, silky garments, glitter socks etc. As you can see it’s all about making unexpected pairings.

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Glitter lips

Fendi, DKNY and many other designers embraced the trend of bold statement lips and really took it on a whole new level with their overlays of glitter. But be careful, this isn’t something you would put on for work or school, or a date.

Messy surfer-girl hair

Messy blond surfer-girl hairstyle or simply: characteristic Gigi Hadid hair. Her waves are simply a pure perfection, and very easy to achieve actually. Just let your hair dry naturally or use an iron. Switch directions of every single wave and use plenty of wave spray.

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“Futuristic” sunglasses

The eyewear designers are getting crazy over sci-fi movie vibes as many of them (including Rihanna and Dior and Ashley Williams) launched these futuristic goggles. It feels like we are finally living the “future” of the 90s movies, because these glasses look literally like they’ve been stolen from the “Back to the future II” movie set. Just take a look at one of the Kendall Jenner’s latest Instagram pictures and you’ll see what we’re talking about.  

That would be it. What do you think about these trends? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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