When I love a trend, I get obsessed.  I can’t just buy one I have to purchase many pieces of clothing looking quite similar.  I guess when you find something that fits well you always want to go and buy a duplicate “just in case something happens”.  This exact situation (which has nothing to do with today’s topic) happened to me last week.  At the end of May I had purchased a pair of canvas floral slides, I was and I am in love with them. I wore them so many times that I wore them out.  All this to come to say that I went back and bought the exact same pair again.  This is just an example of how obsessed I get when it comes to something I like.

To come back to my laces; I really like the lace trend. I’ve now bought two shirts and one dress with laced knots.  I enjoy the street wear edge to it and the laid back sporty look.  Obviously, this look is very casual and I wouldn’t wear this to anything formal.  In the pictures of this article I am wearing a simple lilac t-shirt with a high waisted pair of jean shorts.  I would wear this to go for a stroll in the city or just to spend time at a coffee shop.  But I guess this look is like anything else, each time something comes out it’s like the ugly version of it has to pop up shortly after its fame.  Today I didn’t only want to share a “YAY” I also wanted to talk about a “NAY”.

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Although I really liked the previous look I shared with you guys, another trend which includes laces left a bad taste in my mouth.  The corset laced canvas high waisted belt (how else can I name this HAHA?!).  Why… but why is this back!? A similar look was trendy in the 2000’s and in my opinion, it made anybody wearing it look very trashy.  I honestly tried to forget this era and BOOM its back.  I put this trend in the same category as the maternity style shirts.  Those trends were not meant to come back since they didn’t look good then and don’t look better now.  But guilty as charged I often judge a trend before even trying it.  I found out this trend was back when I saw a famous Instagrammer posting a picture of her wearing a simple dress shirt with a huge canvas laced/corset belt.  Even though this girl is gorgeous, her outfit wasn’t tasteful at all.  So before sharing my thoughts about this look with complete honesty in an article I obviously needed to try the trend for myself.  I mean I have been bashing it but at the same time now I can because I’ve tried it (Sorry not sorry it’s a free country and I am giving myself the right to say my opinion).  So here is my full experience with this trendy accessory: about a month ago while shopping, I finally dared the look and secretly tried on one of those belts at Zara.  I honestly didn’t want anybody to see me caving in to this look.  I often hate being “common” I won’t wear something I dislike just because it is the hype of the moment.  After trying it I can now definitely say: what the hell who came up with this trend?  I almost wanted to like it just to prove myself wrong.  All this to say I won’t judge you if I see you wearing a corset belt on the street but I won’t be in awe of your outfit either.  Hopefully you didn’t find my trend review to be too harsh, but I had to share these frustrations.

Sorry for sharing my first “NAY” moment with you guys but as someone who likes fashion I can’t always like everything. The key in life is always to be honest with your taste and not just wear something because that’s what the mannequin of your favourite store was dressed in. Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it’s pretty!

laces, summer trend, laces, summer trend,

The look:

Top: vintage

Shorts: Zara

Photos by: Tom Morrisonlaces, summer trend,

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