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I don’t know if I’ve ever shared anything personal about my romantic relationship other than the activities my boyfriend and I do together, or him laughing about my goofiness. So here it goes… We met while travelling about four years ago, in a hostel in Ireland. He is from Boston and I from Toronto. The distance between Toronto and Boston seemed plausible so we jumped right into the “long” distance relationship thing. We didn’t really think about the future and honestly who does? After doing the back and forth for four years we finally decided to move closer to one another. Last month it happened, and my boyfriend finally moved to Buffalo. For most people this may still seem like we’re far from each other but for us, a two-hour drive apart made us feel normal. Being from two major cities moving my boyfriend to Buffalo was in our head a set-back, but at least we would have each other. Well turns out we underestimated Buffalo and this city is pretty up and coming. Let’s go Toronto people put down those noses of yours and visit this hipster city (I permit myself to say this because I had a snobby attitude at first and shame on me). Since I have been spending quite a lot of time there lately, I felt like sharing my new discoveries and suggestions for a weekend getaway to the states. 

Coffee shops: So much hype for that perfect coffee cup picture. I found my special spot. My boyfriend moved to Allentown which is the hipster area of Buffalo; comparable to Trinity Bellwood’s/Ossington area of Toronto (way, way smaller though). In his neighbourhood there is the cutest coffee shop called Tipico. They have the best coffee and toast (Nutella, avocado, goat cheese you name it) in town. This would be a great way to start your morning if ever you decide to make a stop in Buffalo. Plus, it’s conveniently five minutes away from the Peace Bridge, so no excuses. 

Tipico Coffee

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Next is something I had never experienced before and I love to believe that I am pretty trendy and aware of what is out there (so sorry in advance if this already exists in Toronto.) I found two locations of kombucha (fermented tea said to be very healthy for the digestive system) cafes. The location I visited is called Bootleg Bucha. To clear things up, this isn’t only a place where they bottle their own kombucha and sell it, It is literally a café where they have Kombucha on draft!  You can do tastings and sit down to enjoy a glass of their fermented tea.  You can also fill up growlers to go which are only $9.50. If you already drink kombucha you know this is ULTRA cheap.  Overall, I adored the concept.  

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So for all my Canadian friends that love this store, I feel the need to also share that there is a Trader Joe’s in Buffalo (if you don’t already know what Trader Joe’s is, shame on you and google it! Kidding, it’s an amazing specialty grocery store.) Of course, Trader Joe’s needs little introduction.

Of course I couldn’t talk about Buffalo without mentioning the WINGS! I don’t eat wings, I don’t like them (I know I’m weird) but my boyfriend has tried them in a couple places and we’ve had numerous recommendations from locals, which by the way are the friendliest people.  Our final verdict was that regardless of liking wings or not you should visit Gabriel’s Gate, a pub with the best food (including wings.)  The other place I would suggest for food is Deep South Taco, it can go head to head with the famous Carnita’s restaurants in Toronto.    

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Last but not least, what is a weekend without going out for drinks.  My boyfriend is a huge beer fanatic, and by that I don’t mean Bud Light while watching a football game, NO! NO! it’s on another level.  He is a beer SNOB, yes there is such a thing.  The craft beer scene has become a thing and I think it’s cool.  Well Buffalo has a few cool breweries.  I haven’t visited them all yet but up to now my favourites are Resurgence Brewing CO and Thin Man Brewery.  Resurgence is more the typical hipster brewery location. It is located in an old warehouse and they have plenty of board games and darts.  Thin Man Brewery is more of a rustic bar setting in Elmwood Village, Buffalo which is another hip area.  It’s a great place to pre-drink before an evening out.  Oh yah! Because I haven’t mentioned it yet, bars are open until 4:00 AM over there (EUROPE MUCH!?)!   

I hope I was able to demystify the “boring” idea Toronto people have about Buffalo.  Trust me it’s not all about the outlets, Buffalo is one of the most hipster places I’ve ever been too.  If you feel like I’ve forgotten any other cool spots in that area, please leave a comment bellow.  Oh Yah, and I have much more to discover in this quirky town so trust me there will be a part two to this.

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