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If stripes are a go-to detail for Paris and florals are a must-have for spring, then gingham is the motif to adore this summer, no matter the form or shape it takes. This brought-back-to-life pattern was first made famous by the gorgeous Brigitte Bardot and then recreated by bombshells and divas of the younger caliber. Apart from gingham, this summer is definitely filled with exciting patterns, designs, cuts and colors and, judging by what we’ve seen so far, anything goes (in a very exotic way, though).

To make your summer exceptional in terms of the fashion choices you will be making, go through our selection of the hottest summer trends and pick your favorite fashion style.

Let me wear my gingham

summer trend


As the introductory lines say, gingham is the pattern of the summer. In fact, it’s been so heavily popularized that there’s no doubt you’ll eventually get sick of it! We’re just kidding. There’s no way we could ever say no to a bit (or a lot!) of gingham experience. Depending on your size, style, figure and love for patterns, you can add gingham to your current style in accents (a gingham bra under a see-through blouse, gingham heels, belts, earrings or bags) or you can go for a full spread. If you opt for the latter, pair up a gingham tight top with ripped jeans and flats to channel a modern Bardot! Or, wear a pair of gingham high-waist pants and a tucked-in printed shirt (yes, mixing patterns is always juicy!) or a simple crop top to give your outfit a touch of ‘60s drama. You can wear a heel or a flat, your choice.

Wrap me up in lace

summer trend

Photo by Jose Alfredo Lerma Contreras on Unsplash

There’s no doubt lace is back, and it’s back big time. It’s not that we’re complaining, though. Whether worn in full coverage or in accents, lace tends to add a very luxurious, glamorous feel to any outfit you are wearing, which may just be the reason we can’t let go of this trend.

A lace maxi dress, two-piece or a combo of lace tops and bottoms in tight or flowy materials is the bomb. To dress things up, wear your lace with golden jewelry and diamond bud earrings. To dress things down – go with a recreation of the ‘90s paired with a hint of old Hollywood glam: a lace short sleeve (crop) top, baggy (ripped) nude/mauve bottom sweats (aka Kanye West vibe) and white sneaks or a mild heel will make you look like the queen of wherever you show up. If weather-appropriate, add a bomber jacket to the mix and a pair of stud diamond earrings. Standing ovation.

Take me to the Boholand

summer trend

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

Patterns, daring color combinations, gutsy designs and comfort – that’s what we love to see in the summer and that’s precisely what we are getting in 2017. Apart from the already familiar boho, we’re currently enjoying a variation of this sweet style – a gypsy trend. Although it may not be the best term, that’s what it looks like to us and we have no intention of backing down. It’s absolutely stunning! Charming, daring, explosive and very statement-like, this trend is intended for everyone who wants to feel exotic while still looking polished. The trend focuses on beautifully designed gypsy dresses, tops, and wide, flowy pants that add charm to every outfit, all while keeping things somewhat lush and extravagant. The juxtaposition of the trend is sublime and we cannot believe it took this long for it to become popular.

Kiss my shoulders

summer trend

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Yes, the bare-shoulder is there to provoke, make a statement and, well, look absolutely stunning. In all honesty, we never thought we’d see the puffed up sleeve and bare shoulders trending again, but given that the ‘90s are rapidly taking over, it’s no wonder we’re suddenly drooling over everything that’s got no top section.

This year’s bare shoulder is done with a twist, as we’re seeing the style in both tops and dresses, done in patterns and a variety of single colors. We love seeing gingham & stripes on an off-shoulder piece, but we’re not immune to pastels either. Combine them with a flowy bottom for a laid-back feel or with a tight piece of clothing for a more chic variant. You can’t lose either way.

Buy me flowers

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

No matter what Miranda Priestly says, florals suit every season, and there’s no other way around it. Just like every other pattern we love, florals too have a way of being a statement in itself (if worn as featured in an entire outfit) or a fabulous way to add accent to a somewhat plain base. Play with your floral choices and see what you can come up with. TIP: Remember, EVERYTHING goes – as long as your reflection makes you smile.

Cover image: by  Louis Kang on Unsplash

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