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If theres one thing I hate it’s the cold.  I could even go to the point of saying that I despise it haha or is that too harsh?  The past few weeks have been very misleading.  One day I was wearing a bumper jacket and the next I had to take out my dawn winter jacket (which I had hidden in a box at the bottom of my closet).  Those few hotter days we had made me so happy, I know it was an abnormally hot February and maybe that say’s a lot about the health of our planet.   But putting aside the global warming issue; I was pretty pleased with the lack of snow and icy temperature (sorry to the winter sport lovers out there).  A week ago I took the pictures for this article thinking rain coats would be a very relevant topic but guess what I was wrong (oh mother nature stop mixing me up, those mood swings are aggravating).  Oh well it is the right time to go purchase one though; that way you are always ready for mother natures little surprises.

Lately; well it’s been a while now that as a fashionista/shopper if you find the most absurd piece of clothing you are considered very “hip”.  So I present to you my “kangaroo pouch yellow floral rain jacket”.  The day I bought this jacket I felt like one of the cool kids on the block because this jacket is ridiculous.  So before I talk more in details about him (my personified rain jacket) I wanted to share that rain coats are “ in” again.  Like I’ve said every week; which may annoy you by now; practical is fashion (who would’ve taught).  For years we let ourselves become soaked in the rain, for what? Because rain coats weren’t a thing (I feel so dumb).  To come back to my new best friend (sorry bestie) not only is he practical, he is floral and yellow.

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This all started last spring when I came across this beauty at a thrift shop and at first I wasn’t sure I would be able to dare/pull off this style but I knew I had to buy it.  He stayed at home hung up patiently in my closet for a whole year and now comes spring 2017 and I feel like it’s time, time to rock it.  And guess what? I do regret not wearing it earlier and I feel like we should always have confidence in our taste.  I know I am not the only one that lacks that little push once in a while (it’s like my mother board fails and I would need someone to reboot me) that reassurance from another person and this is not an article to motivate you to be confident.   But sometimes we second guess ourselves and we shouldn’t; who are we to judge our own taste?

All this to say that this season you guys should dare; dare the floral prints (or any prints for that matter), the pastel colours and the crazy retro designs.  Obviously don’t go crazy from head to toe for the exception of the body suits and rompers.  I believe you have to go crazy with taste.  For example; I wouldn’t pair my crazy kangaroo pouch rain coat with floral kaki’s nor crazy leggings. You get the gist of it if you go crazy with the top wear a neutral bottom and vice versa.  Most stores that Iv’e visited already have there spring collection out and Iv’e seen a lot of prints and they look amazing.  

On this note, are you ladies ready to take a time machine to the 1970? The “retroer” you’ll dress the cooler you’ll be. I promise. 

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-13 um 16.11.47 Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-13 um 16.12.09 Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-13 um 16.11.59

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