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I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day fan. This hallmark holiday comes in our lives at a perfect time, since it is the middle of winter and Christmas celebrations are now far gone. I almost see this day as a “don’t depress over winter” day, eat sweet treats, watch love movies, treat yourself if you are single. Aside from my negative image of this holiday; who doesn’t like the little cinnamon heart candies and all the chocolates? I am all for it but with my boyfriend we’ve never really celebrated it. Actually, I got it off of work without even asking for it. All this to say that I see all these posts about special Valentine’s day plans, gift and outfit ideas. I never had the intension to write an article about it, but guess what? Valentine’s Day gave me a reason to buy a dress #shopaholicproblems.

About two weeks ago, I went to Montreal to visit my family and friends (also to get a haircut). One of my best friends isn’t a shopaholic like me and she’s always been the voice of reason. Each shopping journey with this beauty ended up by me not spending because she would literally convince me that I didn’t need it. This time she asked me to go shopping with her since she needed boots, and my opinion. I left my house (my parents’ house) with the intention of not spending a dime, or should I say only spending money on a brownie at “Juliette & Chocolats”. After making a visit at Aldo and finding boots for my friend, she wanted to go to Urban Behaviour. I had never purchased anything at this store and never really thought anything about it. I like to buy quality things at a cheap price, so I often end up in places like The Bay, Winners, Marshall’s, thrift shops and local boutiques… My friend needed simple shirts for work and I think a place like Urban Behaviour is a good place for that type of purchase (unfortunately I never buy simple shirts). While browsing for her I found a dress, it was on liquidation aka six dollars. I never go to the fitting room for one item but this time I did. I guess the dress was calling me. I came out of the dressing room and my friend whom always tries to convince me to not purchase new clothing, was now persuading me to buy this dress. It fits like a glove and to be honest it had everything I didn’t like; stripes, holes on the shoulder and very form fitting… but it was meant for me. Lesson learned never judge a book buy its cover. I can find a piece of clothing in any possible store. CASE CLOSED, oh yah and now I have to celebrate Valentine’s Day because I apparently have an outfit.

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On this note, I have no plans for that evening but I will make some. Then again, if you guys want to treat the person you love with a unique treat, I have the one for you. Last week I came across “Le Blanc Desserts” which is a family company based out of Vancouver. They have an amazing Instagram page which initially pushed me to follow them. After tasting their delicious cakes I am no longer just a follower, I AM A FAN. Their desserts are the perfect treats for all those sweet tooth’s out there. They are perfect if you just want to stay in with your lover on Valentine’s Day. Bailey’s coffee and a fig cake will do the trick. (to order:

I hope I motivated all the skepticals like me to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Whether it is a reason to buy a new outfit, or just a quiet evening treating yourself to sweets, we all deserve a break from winter.

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