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This year I didn’t make it back home for Easter but it’s okay because Easter is all about chocolate. Trust me I can be by myself and enjoy those sweet treats just as much.  Today I am sharing with you guys my Easter vibe outfit but I also see it as a festive spring brunch outfit.  And for myself I will be wearing this dress for my boyfriend’s sisters’ baby shower.  I am so happy that the nice weather is finally here so I felt like sharing this fun cute attire. These past couple of weeks it has been hard to plan any type of outfits in advance.  Figuring out what mother nature was planning for us in terms of weather has been a real drag.  Before I share anything else I have to say how much I love pastel coloured clothing, they make me so happy! It feels so thematic for the past long weekend but lately everything I seem to wear is in the shade of baby blue.

For this article, I am wearing the simplest cute baby blue dress.  After purchasing it I realized it almost looked like a hospital gown but more fun, of course.  I love these types of oversized shirt dresses because I can eat whatever I want and still feel comfortable. I don’t even have to worry about looking bloated; hence why this is the perfect festive outfit.  We all have so many parties in the spring season. Cook outs, Mother’s day, family brunch, drinks on the numerous downtown patios… so many reasons to get pretty.  I also appreciate the fact that it fits well on every body type because some other styles suit curvier or slim women better.

I know i say this quite often but an outfit isn’t complete without that punch element, whether it is that piece of jewelry, purse and in today’s case shoes.  This type of dress (shirt dress) is so simple and the accessories should dress the dress, no pun intended! This season it’s all about the accessories, look everywhere, there are so many funky jewelry and shoes, but a lot of minimalistic clothing.  I love minimalistic clothing because you can wear the same outfit at many events without looking like you own only one piece of clothing.  I often tend to buy the funkiest outfit and then I can only wear it once because everybody will remember it since it was so eccentric and unique. But enough with that… Minimalist is my new moto.  The accessories being the show stopper allows your dress to pass incognito. 

So today my accessory of choice for my simple shirt dress is: shiny slides. Aren’t we all obsessed with the slide movement?  Slides were once big in the 70’s.  I think they are simply perfect for the summer since we all want to wear our shoes bare feet. Of course that can be bad news (blisters and smelly feet; NO thank you).  There are so many types: flat, furry, with heels, glittery and the list goes on.  Obviously, you can buy simple ones to go with a day to day outfit but those are not the ones I want to talk about.  I bought the shiny metallic healed ones and they are my new go too.  They aren’t the most comfortable but they look pretty; isn’t that the most important thing?  They are the punch element to this baby blue dress and will be the highlight of most of my summer outfits.  The fun thing about shoes is that they make every outfit look different.

Now ladies go get your accessory game on because your minimalistic outfits aren’t going anywhere without them.  Share with us in the comment section below where you’ve found the coolest accessories.

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