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It’s already Thanksgiving, I don’t know if I should be scared at how time flies or excited because I’ll soon get to wear a costume for Halloween. Next week will be a good time to deliberately reveal my costume, but for now, I wanted to highlight my favourite piece of fall clothing. Not one piece of clothing but rather a type: oversized sweaters.

About 6 years ago I was shopping at Value Village (because my love for that store isn’t recent) with my mom and I found the perfect oversized white sweater in the men’s section.  To this day I remember my mom questioning me shopping in the men’s section in the first place, and also why I wanted to wear a shirt that was way too big for me.  These were not points that were a concern for me. But… I can’t lie that thinking this was probably from an old man’s wardrobe was creeping me out just a tad.  I fell in love with that sweater and it’s one of the rare pieces of clothing that I kept for so many years and still wear (clarification: it’s not rare for me to keep my old clothing but I never wear it, my nostalgic self can’t get rid of it). I am also lucky that oversized clothing is still a thing.  After sharing this little anecdote, I wanted to talk about my recent find that I hope will still be part of my closet go to’s for just as long as my fabled white sweater.

I know I often talk about thrift shops and discount stores such as Winners/Marshalls in my articles.  Well, today is another one of those days.  I love those types of stores because I get to hunt and look for little treasures.  I do consider myself a true shopaholic for that reason.  I do know a lot of people that hate looking through the racks at Winners, but I enjoy it so much because I never know what I’ll find.  Again, I get to feel unique when wearing my special finds, pretty much the same feeling I get when shopping at thrift shops.  A few weeks ago, when summer had reappeared, I was shopping at Winners and noticed they had the runway collection for Puma sportswear.  In the past few years, all sportswear brands have been making a come-back.  These brands had never truly disappeared, but had gone off the radar.  I love how they have revamped their collections and made them fashion forward (and not just for sports enthusiasts).  On that note, I found an XLarge Puma sweater while browsing in the Winners runway collection and have been wanting to wear it ever since.  For once I wanted cold weather, and there was none.  This week is the first week I can finally rock that oversized fluffy pullover.

After purchasing my special find my best friend came to visit me and had also found numerous Puma must-haves at Winners.  We kind of have the same taste, I wouldn’t have been surprised if we had bought the same outfits.  And trust me, this article is not sponsored by the Marshall (TJx) family, I am simply a (very) happy customer.  I should also compliment Puma on how wonderful their current collection looks.   As a fashionista, I never thought I’d be wearing a sports brand like this, except, of course, for my rare visits to the gym.  Somehow, they found a way to please every type of customer.

On this note I don’t like the cold, but fall fashion has to be my favourite.  Oh, and don’t forget to run fast to the runway section at Winners to find your very own oversized sweater from Puma!

Oversized Puma sweater

Pictures by: Tom Morrison.

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