The zodiac sign Gemini is associated with the Twins, symbolizing the union of opposite natures: one is playful, funny and carefree; the other is rational, meticulous, and critical. We are veritable chameleons. Our greatest strength is our adaptability.

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Our personality

Gemini have multiple interests, want to try everything and like to keep themselves feeling challenged. Vitalized by an intense sense of curiosity, we are open-minded thinkers who evolve and mature via a constant processing of information.

Our communication skills make us excellent speakers. Convincing and persuasive, we know what to say and when to say it, making it easy for us to build relationships.

Our Weaknesses

Our desire of continuous self-renewal can sometimes make it difficult for us to reign in our scattered thoughts. Our weak spot is our mental agitation.

Gemini detest routine; choosing novelty over stability, which explains our insatiable desire to travel. Indeed, travel suits our independent spirit. It fulfills our need for freedom and discovery and feeds our curious minds.

Freethinking Gemini can easily and quickly feel trapped. Being a closed book, we don’t easily reveal our emotions or problems.

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In matters of the heart

Independent Gemini is open to the idea of a relationship but not with just anybody and at any old time; especially given that we detest wasting our time. Well-grounded Gemini is not idealistic, jealous or suffocating.

Our mischievous side is part of our charm and our banter is considered endearing!

Gemini are natural team leaders! They are approachable motivators and have lots of ideas. They’re also veritable workaholics!

Gemini are hard-working and apply themselves to the task at hand for fear of feeling useless. The multi-faceted personality of Gemini make them quick to adapt and evolve in a variety of work environments. That being said, given their distaste of routine (and inflexible work hours), Gemini are at their best when self-employed, lest they defy authority. Their exceptional communication skills play an important part in making them veritable business men and women.


Another meaning of the Gemini zodiac symbol? The twins have a strong sense of belonging, and it is this desire for belonging that drives Gemini to find a soul mate; be it in friendship, love, or business.

I consider myself lucky to be a Gemini. Because being a Gemini is like being both sides of a coin. It’s being, at the same time, both black and white, yin and yang. It’s being two people in one; the two sides of a coin.

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