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On a warm afternoon some day in June, I was invited to the media launch of the Fall and Winter 2017 collection of Essence Cosmetics. Not only was I having an amazing and quite delicious time at the Mandy’s located in the Old Port, I also got the chance to talk with the PR team about what’s new for the upcoming season in the beauty industry. I got to discover a bunch of their cosmetics that I’ve never heard of, from cheek to face, to eyes to lips, most of them being high quality products at incredibly affordable price.

Let me walk you through what Essence has best to offer this year for the colder seasons. Below are the products that stood out the most for me and are worth at least a try! Warning: the pictures of the swatches were taken on a gloomy day, all thanks to our trusty Montreal Summer weather… or my photo editing skills, but let’s blame it on the weather.

Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil – $3.99

Waterproof, smooth and not tugging: what more can you ask for in an eyeliner? Once applied, it doesn’t move anywhere. It’s by far my mom and I’s faaavorite product from the whole line and we’re enjoying every single shade that I got in the goodie bag! The swatches in order from bottom to top: silky nude (soooo good and glides on effortlessly)/rockin’ taupe/nighttime in the jungle (a gorgeous deep forest green shade)/black midnight sky/black love.

Long Lasting eye penicl


Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss – $3.99 & Matt Matt Matt lipgloss – $4.99

This gloss is super shiny without the sticky finish that some lipglosses can have. It’s super smooth and the fragrance is quite subtle and nice, nothing too strong that would linger throughout the day. It can be worn over a lipstick or alone, since it is so high in pigments. A swatch of my favorite colour at the far left: happiness in a bottle (beautiful muted pink mauve shade).

As for the matt ‘lipgloss’, the name is a little misleading because to me, it is a formula closer to a matte liquid lipstick. Super lightweight, it’s a creamy hydrating mousse packed with pigmentations to get the colour the first time it touches the lips. It’s one of the top products from the collection imo! And the smell is to die for: vanilla-chocolate cake, not too strong once again. For someone who doesn’t like sweet smells, that one has changed the game. The swatches are my favorite picks from left to right next to the gloss: simply be an icon/girl of today/beauty approved!

Shine Shine shine & Matt Matt Matt


Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colour – $4.49

It might sound repetitive by now, but this this product is soooo good. I’ve never tried anything like this, I swear. It’s super lightweight, it feels sheer but it’s actually medium-coverage. The smell is fruity but very bearable. It’s super comfortable to wear, as it glides on very easily and it creates an aqua-like sensation on the lips: as if you were applying water on them! Swatches left to right: deep sea love/mermaid diary/aquatic chic (my favorite, a muted pink mauve colour)/underwater beauty.

Water Kiss Glossy Lips


Throughout the night, the PR team told me about how they can afford making quality products for such low prices: doing no advertising whatsoever and minimizing the costs related to the packaging. Essence cosmetics range from $0.99 to $9.99, with an average retail price of $3.69. Enforcing the idea that beauty can be affordable for everyone. Founded in Europe, the brand is cruelty-free and is so popular that one out of every four cosmetics purchased in Germany is an Essence cosmetics product (what?!).

Overall, I am rooting for what they stand for and I find it quite amazing for a brand to create staple makeup items, such as eyeliners, at a reasonable price. Definitely a brand to look out for during your next trip to Pharmaprix or you can always online at

Credit for all pictures: Thanh Nguyen Lam

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