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I've only gotten my hair dyed once during my rebellious teen years and I couldn't be more grateful of my young self who realized how stupid I looked (it was a horrible homemade colour I should add and obviously didn't understand how lucky I am to have a beautiful hair colour for starters). Let me elaborate: some are graced with a fast metabolism while others have perfect skin or seem to always score the best seats to Adele's and Lady Gaga's concerts. Some people have it better than be, what can I say.  However, my hair colour is probably one of my best assets. Being a natural auburn, I don't see the point of going to the salon and pay a tremendous amount of money for my hair, when I know A LOT OF GIRLS would kill to get my hair colour. I mean… BLESS! Yet, seeing the latest colour trends flying through social medias and in real time on the streets, I was a tad more drawn and tempted to try something new and be bold without jeopardizing too much my beloved hair colour which I've learnt to love. 

That say, I decided to try a slight BALAYAGE!

"Oh god, that's so basic", I already hear you say. And yes, you're right, but GIRL, I look damn fine!

Once the blog was invited to test Wella Professional's new haircare products at O'Lab Coiffeurs (located on rue Saint-Denis), I knew this was the chance of a lifetime to act before I decided to chicken out. 


Photo: Melissa St Arnauld Photographe


Photo: Melissa St Arnauld Photographe


Photo: Melissa St Arnauld Photographe


Photo: Melissa St Arnauld Photographe


Photo: Melissa St Arnauld Photographe

The fact that we were treated like royalty eased the process and made this experience more enjoyable and the whole team should be acknowledge for making me feel like a million bucks. I mean at one point, I had not only one hair stylist working on my hair, but a second one plus the makeup artist. My kind of gang bang! 


A few words about the products which I've received upon my visit and now use religiously at home!

Lightweight Beauty Balm Lotion

From the Smooth collection of EIMI line, this balm creates a natural style, adds shine, repairs, moisturizes, tames fly-aways and protects from the heat of styling tools. Since I have frizzy and curly hair, after washing my hair, I simply let it dry naturally for a few hours (let's say it's Sunday morning and truly have all the time in the world to do nothing else than let them naturally dry). When I'm getting ready to use the hair straightener, I use a few pumps and apply the balm lotion on mid-lengths and ends on damp or dry hair. If my hair is still damp, I  apply the product, then use the hair-dryer to after use the hair straightener. It does make a difference and simply need to use this product once if needed after every wash. 



Shine Glam Mist

Not as good as a regular hairspray but in terms of adding a shiny mist touch, this product is bomb. I use this bad boy every time before I'm going out to a social gathering. 




And here's the before and after shot. Hope you guys like it! 



Photo: Melissa St Arnauld Photographe

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