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Today I kept on pushing the time where I would write this article because I felt like I had nothing to say.  The reality is that it’s impossible, I always have something to say; ask my boyfriend sometimes he can’t say a word for at least an hour.  We took pictures for the blog but I wasn’t sure what I was going to say about them.  Since I always share my outfits with you guys for special occasions, I felt like sharing my normal daily self in this article.  The pictures in this article broadcast me on a normal day; wearing a vintage hand me down from my mom, a CK sports bra, extra comfy lululemon leggings and oh yah a cap to hide my hair since it was a wash my hair type of day.  The pictures came out to be all about street wear and I’ve honestly been obsessed with this style lately.  Usually I buy at least one piece of clothing a week but this week I didn’t go shopping since I decided I had to save money.  So, the whole look I put together was stuff I already owned.  I find that I often forget what I own because I am so excited to wear a new purchase. If I had less clothing I would be more imaginative with my wardrobe.  Since the weather is so bipolar lately it is the best time to reuse clothing you already own.

Speaking of street wear…  In the fashion world, there is always many styles that are considered trendy at the same time.  I’ve always been a fan of the avant-garde style, but unfortunately it’s the type of style I can’t rock on a daily basis.  Once in a while I buy this avant-garde piece of clothing that I keep for special occasions.  If you didn’t know already “avant-garde” is a French expression that means “before its time”, this type of fashion pushes boundaries and isn’t part of the “norm”.  Avant-garde is the most artsy category of fashion, I would even go to compare it to abstract art.  Vintage fashion which is often described as “preppy” is another style I love to wear.  Again, this isn’t a style I would wear every day.  Lately as you may have noticed, I am pretty obsessed with street wear it’s the style I am beginning to wear more often.  A couple years ago, street wear was categorized as hipster.  I think it was a phenomenon that wasn’t really understood since I don’t think that everybody dressing up in street wear is really a hipster.  Hipster goes beyond that and the formal rule of being a hipster is not knowing you are one/not trying to be one.

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I think this whole style is related to the healthy gym phenomenon.  I don’t go to the gym but I love wearing CK sports bras and leggings.  It is the perfect look to create with clothes you already own.  A turtleneck, leggings and running shoes and you’re ready to go.  A lot of people overpay to buy items that are considered street wear which brings me to talk about Winners.  Often people ask me where I purchased a piece of clothing and most of the time my answer is Winners because I am a fanatic of those stores.  The typical response I get is; I hate looking.  My answer to that is if you don’t have the budget to afford what you really want, well maybe Winners will get you what you want while staying within your budget.  When it comes to street wear with a little imagination Winners is the place to go.  A week ago, I found a Homies sweatshirt from Brian Lightenberg for only $19.99. Online these go for minimum $98.  I love to be trendy and fashionable but I don’t always have the finance to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, I think this is what got me so obsessed with shopping because I love searching for the best deals.  

Overall, street wear can be anything from hipster vintage clothing, or sports clothing that you mixed and matched with your mom’s jean vest.  All you need is a little imagination; your look doesn’t need to be expensive to be totally awesome.

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