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I was never used of doing things the same way as everybody. Maybe one day through therapy, someone will explain to me the reason of my doing, but as of now, I'm going with the flow and I'm okay with that. 


When I was 22 years old (I shouldn't say, but it will be 10 years this year: oh god) I told my mom the unfortunate news of me leaving for the Sultanate of Oman (yes, it's a real place!!!) for 6 months. A place unknown to many, with people I've never met before. I still had a contact on location (I was leaving to become a musician in a luxury hotel) who was also from my hometown, therefore we both knew we wouldn't be all alone in this crazy adventure. 

My loved ones never ceased to tell me to enjoy those experiences, that will cumulate… I will tell you more about them later. I should say when I didn't have any responsibilities, I was pretty adventurous. However, upon receiving those comments, my rebellious side couldn't help itself from rolling my eyes. 

I also met a handsome man during my travels. It became serious then after a few years, we were expecting. My loved ones hoped I would slow down, however during my pregnancy, I explored Brittany, went to Belgium, more especially in Brussels with my other half, took a flight to Paris and spent a few days in the Middle East with my boyfriend because of his work, then came back to France and spent a month there before coming back to the Motherland and see my parents who live on the Côte-Nord from where I took a bus in direction of Boston in order to be reunited the baby daddy who worked in Rhode Island. From there, I drove to NYC for an event before ending my pregnancy on a quiet note in France where I became an expat for so many years. And once I got pregnant with my second daughter, nothing major happened aside of a trip to San Francisco and short trip to the Dominican Republic while being 7 and a half months pregnant.


voyage enceinte

I still hear people say: "Enjoy while they're young".

But you see the idea here. As for now, we're not stopping. I still have to say that we're extremely lucky to have healthy children and nomad worthy careers. We are indeed truly blessed.

saint emilion

Still an expat living in France, with my other's half career that brings him everywhere on the planet, we'll soon leave for a few month in Bermuda. AND the other half of 2017 will be a quiet one, but I shall write about the latter in an upcoming article. 

Travel broadens the mind and we should transmit this valuable gift to our little girls. There's no need to remain sedentary in parenthood.


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