One day, the snow will have melted and we'll finally be able to wear our spring clothes at once. I guarantee you. When it constantly snows for two weeks straight, I can't help myself from sighing by reminding myself how I can't wait to be able to wear my cute sneakers and step out of the house without bringing a coat. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. In the spirit, I'm showing you a spring outfit that plays with some quite unexpected pieces in order to create some layering with shapes and textures all staying in dark hues. 

Let's talk about the black bomber jacket which has floral embroidery.I pictured the overall look with this item in mind since I wanted it to become the focal point of my outfit. This spring, it's no secret that these type of jackets will be worn both as a chic and casual way. The jacket's cut is trendy and also comfortable. If you currently have one hanging in your closet, might as well do some patchwork to make it look more current (also a great way to save money).

In order to add volume, I opted for loose fitted trousers which has an elastic band sitting at the waist paired with a transparent black top. Indeed, many won't wear this kind of garment under the jacket since the latter falls a tad lower, but I do love the effect it gives. However, in order to balance the silhouette, I'd suggest in opting for a heel. In the same train of thought, I wanted to add depth through my jewelry, which is why I decided to wear a long necklace over a statement one. I'm wearing here a long choker which quite does the statement but fulfill the required balance I sought after. 

That say: Alright Spring, I'm ready for you whenever you are! 







I'm wearing:
Clothes – Le Château
Necklace – Le Château
Bag – Le Château
Booties – Le Château
Photos: Vikki Snyder
Location: Projet Atala – 6835 Chateaubriand



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