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Seasons come and go, it’s life but I think saying goodbye to summer is always the hardest.  There are no major holidays, apart from Canada Day, of course,  but I think the hot weather is worth celebrating.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any real summer this year and I think that’s why it’s hard to say goodbye to something that never came.  Most people my age love summer because it means no school (most of my friends are either students or teachers), for myself at work summer is the busiest season of the year so the heat is the only thing I can look forward to.  For that reason my summer was very sad, since the tanning lines were never at their peak.  This weekend, Summer is back… as they call it “Indian Summer” but my wardrobe has already transitioned to fall.  Today, I wanted to share my seasonal transition.

FW17 patterned pants

A couple of weeks ago my lovely parents drove to Toronto to visit me, and that meant that for once I had an automobile on hand (haha).  Most of us young people living in the Toronto downtown area don’t own a car for many reasons.  The main one being that insurance in Ontario is outrageously expensive, imagine that I could rent a room in the downtown Montreal area for a whole month for the same price.  That isn’t the point of today’s article because we all know how Toronto living is expensive.  The having a car thing meant that we could make a trip to Ikea.  I won’t lie I felt bad dragging my parents to Ikea on their mini vacation but they made the best of it and I was actually the one losing my mind in the Ikea craziness. I needed some storage, and the only reason I would ever need storage is for my clothing.  We are changing seasons and my closet was in need of some new furniture; because yes I have a big enough closet to fit furniture in it.  After putting away most of my summer clothing, I decided I would have to share my fall must haves with you guys.

Unwrapping my oversized sweaters and leather jackets made fall look not so bad after all. Leaving a taste of pumpkin spiced latte in my mouth and there it was: I was happy again.  The article pictures feature two elements of my fall must haves but it was too hot to incorporate my jean jacket and booties.

FW07 Patterned Pants

My first fall must have is the patterned pants.  Patterned pants are something classic that comes and goes and should never be eliminated from your closet.  This year they are in, and maybe next year they won’t, but it’s a piece of clothing that is timeless.  No matter what the “trend guys” say, I love them at all times.  The pants I am wearing in the pictures of this article have been a part of my closet for a few years but I will share different store options for you guys to find your perfect fit at the end of this article.  Pants like these should always be matched with something simple since they are the show stopper of your outfit.  I would have paired these pants with a jean jacket because the main colour component of the pattern is blue.  I wore the sandals simply because I wanted to wear them one last time before summer is definitely over.

FW17 Patterned pants

My second fall must have is the simple button up shirt.  Button up shirts go with everything: leggings, skirts, jeans, dress pants.  Overall, your closet needs one of them.   The one I am wearing in this article’s pictures is a simple white short sleeve button up with a little frill around the upper arm.  I love it because it’s a bit oversized and looks good tucked in or not.  This shirt is from Top Shop but I’ve seen them everywhere, from H&M, the Bay, etc.

Enjoy what’s left of summer and don’t be scared to mix and match seasons in your outfits! What’s wrong with wearing long pants with sandals?

FW17 Patterned pants

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