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At first, I was fervently opposed to the idea of online shopping; however, the 25 and ¾ year old fashionista in me has finally RESIGNED MYSELF TO IT! I started buying clothing and shoes from several online sites roughly two years ago. The one thing I disliked at the very beginning was having to wait to receive my orders. On the other hand, I definitely liked the prices. Every parcel I received felt like a gift and THAT’S definitely fun.

BUT…(there’s always a but!) Not all sites are made equal in terms of offering quality merchandise. That’s why I decided to share my favourite sites with you… sites that you can trust.

1* Shoedazzle and Justfab  (same company – different collections)

The quality is the same as that offered by SPRING and Verona. What’s really great, is the “2 for $29.99 USD” promo for first-time buyers. It’s really worthwhile! And the sizing is spot on. For instance, if you order a size 7, you’ll receive a true size 7, not a 7 that’s like a size 8.

You know what I mean.

Just be careful because once you hit the “send order” button, the site will ask you to “click on the 2 boxes”. One box is a newsletter signup and the other is a membership enrolment at the price of $51 and a few cents per month (applied automatically to your credit card) to accumulate funds in your so-called “show bank”. They do that to incite their clients to buy again and again. I got hooked by this ploy and had to call the company’s strictly anglophone customer service line to have my enrolment cancelled. Putting that minor detail aside, the shipping time is terrific; you’ll receive your order in a mere 7 to 10 business days.

souliers shoedazzle

2*Fashion Nova

Sign up for their newsletter… you won’t be disappointed. You’ll receive weekly offers via email to save anywhere from 15 to 30%  on their enticing merchandise. They sell evening gowns, denims that’ll make you faint, and shoes and boots for every taste. New items are added each week in styles ranging from chic to cutting edge. The quality is superb and I ADORE the packaging within the brown UPS box.

It’s my favourite site.

Source: Fashion Nova

3* Chic Grace

In the beginning, I was hesitant to place an order on this site because it looked so much like the Wish site that sells clothing of horribly poor quality. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised by Chic Grace. The only drawback is the looooong shipping time because the company is located in China. It took three months to receive two parcels.

Nonetheless, it’s well worth the wait; unless you need your order quickly, in which case, forget it.

Source: Page Facebook de Chic Grace

Happy shopping!

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