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Sydney’s Fashion Week has been more exciting than ever, and we’ve been able to see just how much Australia has to offer. We have some of the most innovative designers who aren’t afraid to improvise and combine different styles in order to create something truly unique. On the other hand, we were able to see some of the most interesting makeup styles, and to admire the beauty of girls who rocked the outfits. If you’d like to look like a model, we give you a few tricks to spice up your beauty routine.

All that glitters

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Step aside, dark matte lipsticks, because there’s new trend in town – glittery lips! Think bold, glittery lips in all colours – chocolate brown, deep red, even silver, and bright pink. Of course, these can’t be worn to school or office, but that is where lip gloss comes in. You can put a layer of lip gloss over your favourite lipstick, or you can opt for lip gloss that has glitter and makes your lips shine like they’re really covered with glass.

Copper eye shadow

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Forget about boring old smokey eye; designers seem to have fallen in love with coppery and bronze eye shadows. Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like bronze eye shadow does, and this shadow works well with every eye colour. Pick the shade you like most – the shimmery one with glitter which can double as highlighter if need be, or combine brown with orange-y ones if you want to add a bit more drama. If you want to add more depth, you can outline your entire eye with a matte brown shadow, highlight the inner corner of your eye, and wear some false eyelashes.

Flawless skin


Is there anything better than having flawless skin? Life is so much better when you don’t have to worry about covering blemishes and pimples with makeup. In order to have perfect skin like Aussie models do, you can try using Australian skin care products. Because they spend so much time outside at the beach, girls and women always use products with SP. Foundation with SPF as well as plain old sunscreen are a must whenever they leave home, because as lovely as it is to be tanned, sun will leave your skin dry and flaky if you’re not careful. Cleansing your skin in the evening and applying moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and healthy, and you will get that dewy look which models rock.

“Wet” curls


As if Aussies can’t get enough of the beach, this year’s Fashion Week was all about beach hair and “wet” curls. You can make your own hair spray which will give you the perfect ‘beach waves’ – all you need is some coconut oil, sea salt, and a bit of leave-in conditioner. Dampen your hair with it and add a bit of mousse (but make sure the mousse is evenly distributed). With your hair still wet, comb through it using a wide-tooth comb which will give you a natural fall. If you want your curls to be better-defined, you can use a curling iron once your hair dries, and finish with hairspray. Voila – a carefree but stylish hairstyle which will make you look like you just came off the runway.  

Remember, just because something is a trend at the moment, it doesn’t mean that it will look equally good on everyone. You don’t have to follow the trends blindly in order to look good and stylish, it’s more important that you find a style that suits you best than to look exactly like millions of other girls. Find inspiration in new trends and always try to adapt them so they show who you are instead of going for a ‘uniformed’ look.

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