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September is already over! We decided to now start a new series where we present you our favourite beauty products on the last day of each month. As you may already know, we have the chance of testing several products on behalf of the blog and we looooveeee that. Which is why we've decided to do a monthly  collaborative article where we're sharing with you, our newest discoveries beauty-wise. Share with us YOUR favourite beauty products at the end of the article!!! We want to know which products you love. 

Camille : Bronzing powder from Lise Watier

Summer is almost over, yet I'm not ready to say goodbye to my tan. I'm obsessed with bronzing powder, I've been wearing the latter summer and winter. I love this particular one since the latter isn't too shimmery and give a brown natural hue, nor orange nor peachy. Moreover, it smells great! Big kudos for this bronzing powder from  Lise Watier.


Virginie: Magnificence Nuit from Lierac Paris 

I'm pretty difficult with everything that touches moisturizers. I hate to feel my face being greasy if I apply cream. When I started to test Magnificence Nuit from Lierac Paris, I was astonished. Its rich texture upon applying penetrates my pores and leaves a soft sensation. The latter  works at night and leaves a refreshed skin in the morning. For more information, it's right this way.



Valérie: GinZing from Origins

This eye cream is a must for tired moms. Simply apply a thin layer at night before going to bed (after your night cream), and in the morning once you wake up (before applying your makeup), for a refreshing and ensured beauty-sleep effect. Moreover, this product is based on organic ingredients. Available HERE.


Marie-Ève: Rose Face Mask from Fresh

Autumn with its cool breezes rimes with pampering. Ideal season to get our favourite products and one of mine is rose face mask from Fresh. 

What I love about the latter: it's light, made of organic products, smells great and comes off well. You can use this mask daily, but I'd rather keep it down to once or twice a week. Also, this mask is perfect if you're rushing out in the morning (works from 5 to 10 minutes). Truly a must in your skin care products list. 


Maude: Tea Tree from Body Shop, Tartes Clay Cosmetic  from Tarte and Dermablend from Vichy 

As for me, my favourite products are: 

The Body Shop Tea Tree face mask.This is a clarifying cleansing mask made of clay and tea tree. With acne and oily skin, I must pay attention to cosmetics I use.

My favourite in terms of makeup is without a doubt Amazonian clay foundation from Tarte and also the blush from the same collection. Then, without forgetting to mention this matte powder from Vichy: DERMABLEND. Unfortunately, this one is discontinued, but will be available in the near future with Laroche-Posay in about a year or so. Yes, indeed, the price tag goes with it but that's the price we have to pay in order to use high quality products. And when you have the same skin type as mine, might as well break your piggy bank and invest in great products instead of damaging your skin. Even when wearing makeup isn't recommended, I can't leave the house without a primer and foundation. The joy of Tarte Cosmetic and this matte powder from Vichy is that you don't feel like you're wearing makeup. Subtle and yet covering. 

beauté maquillage coup de coeur

Charles-Olivier: Mask of Magnaminty from Lush

I love applying stuff to my face. Most importantly, everything about face mask, I'm into it. And I'm obsessed with the ones from Lush. But the only downside is that there's an expiration date on them and I have to store them in the fridge in order to keep them fresh longer. It happened way too many time that I've forgotten them and found them way later hidden on a shelf talking to a mozzarella cheese bag when I've ready to move out two years later. 


Yet, I found the perfect face mask. Mask of Magnaminty. First and foremost, it lasts longer than others found in other stores and second of all, there's no need to use the fridge as storage purposes, thirdly, there's mint in this product and you do smell like your grandpa's peppermints. YAS GIRL! Don't be shy in applying layers of product on your face and simply wait 15-20 for the latter to activates itself; your skin will feel soft, your blackheads will disappear over time and it will reduce oil that your skin produces. This Mask of Magnaminty is perfect for all kinds of skin types and is delicious: even if you're not supposed to eat it. 

Oupsy daisy.


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