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With the trends constantly shifting and changing, sometimes it’s difficult to remain at the head of the style game. Clothes and makeup aren’t much of an issue because you can easily change them and put on something trendy and chic, but our hair is a bit harder to manage. You want a hairstyle that doesn’t require you to spend an hour on it every morning, but you also want to look cool. After all, style isn’t just about our clothes and makeup. Our hair is a very important aspect to our outfits, so here we give you some of the most beautiful hairstyles for this season, all approved by various fashion and beauty bloggers.

Soft, natural waves


Natural hair never goes out of fashion, and the beautiful Cara Loren knows just how to get that soft, romantic hairstyle that suits just about any face shape. She has long, blonde hair, but this style can work on short hair too. There are a few options to accomplish this, but they are all fairly easy. Using a good hair curler wand is pretty straightforward, but you want to make sure you spray your hair with some heat protection before you proceed. Another way to get wavy hair is to braid it. And that’s it. Simply make two braids before you go to bed and when you wake up, loosen the hair and put on some hairspray. You will get a lovely look with minimal effort.

Pink curls


Colorful hair trends have been all over Instagram and Pinterest in the past year, with the latest being a pop of bright pink. This lovely Millennial Pink is being embraced by Zanita, from Zanita Studios and it’s the perfect trendy color to make you stand out. The ombre look Zanita is rocking makes the style look very soft and cool, but if you like you can go all the way and have your entire hair dyed pink. Get some pink color shampoo and dye your hair pink, and to get more bounce curl it with a curling iron. If you want to go more permanent, speak to a hair colorist.

Messy long hair


The blonde Australian beauty Brooke Testoni is known for her perfectly messy hairstyles that can be paired both with very natural and high-fashion look. There’s an art to having that seemingly careless, just-rolled-out-of-bed kind of look. This kind of look only works on long, thick hair, so you might want to consider getting hair extensions. If you want to try it, there is a wide variety of hair extensions online in Australia. If you aren’t sure how to use them, there are easily available instructions, or you could ask your hair stylist to help you out. Brooke likes to pull her long hair back under her jacket and leave her bangs to gently frame her face. The key to this look is careful styling and hair care, because this simply won’t work with thin, lifeless and dry hair. Instead of messy chic, you’ll just look like you’re just too lazy to comb through that bird’s nest at the top of your head.

Asymmetrical bangs


Margaret from Shine by Three enjoys giving a slight edge to her looks and lately she’s been wearing cute, asymmetrical bangs paired with a loose ponytail. If you are bored of your bangs and want to make them look more interesting, cutting them in this asymmetrical style gives you an infinitely cool, modern appearance. It’s the perfectly chic London look that doesn’t require any effort to maintain and can complement both formal and casual outfits really well.

Lob with soft highlights


Tala Samman from My Fash Diary knows just how to make her hair look voluminous, so her most frequent go-to style is a short lob with natural highlights. Highlights are always the perfect way to make your style look fresh, and if you’re bored of long, flat hair then shortening it to a cute lob will give it more volume. This works for curly hair too, and if you want to give it an even bigger boost, then tease the hair gently and set it with hairspray.

The fashion industry is no longer run just by big brands. Influential bloggers are shaping the world and contributing to various trends, and people are now more likely to let themselves experiment. There’s more variety to what’s considered modern, so finding a blogger whose sense of fashion and beauty you admire is the perfect way to help shape your own style.

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