Soon, squirrels will become as big as groundhogs in order to face winter, hobos will sport their greatest coats with holes in them and pictures of your boots standing in a pile of leaves will soon come back on your Instagram feed. What's up fall? But before mayhem starts, back-to-school season is upon us; students' nightmare, parents' delight. There are lots of students who are still in denial and will wear sandals till the end of October telling themselves summer hasn't come to an end just yet. 

Wake up sweetheart.

I shall help you open your eyes and show you these 20 signs that announce the end of the hot season and  the beginning of back-to-school season. 

  1. You start to save money or don't spend as much in order to buy your textbooks which you'll only use twice during the whole term. 
  2. You Facebook feed will be bombarded with screenshots of school schedules and people complaining about wanting to change classes, which will also be you. 
  3. The mercury will still be rising in the middle of September, hence the skin sticking on your seat during the first few weeks after school starts. Lovely.
  4. You have to give your new availability to your boss, that say, goodbye to big fat pay checks.
  5. The traffic on the public transit will increase exponentially… Great.
  6. You'll have to shop for new outfits this semester, which is for fun you, less so for you Visa.
  7. You'll buy 2-3 notebooks, pencils and binders every time you'll go to Shoppers or Jean Coutu; even though you simply went there in the first place to get some tampons.

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  1. Staples will become the location of the 3rd World War. 
  2. You hope you won't look like a monkey on your student card.
  3. You remind yourself you should re-read your old notes; just to be the Beyoncé of your whole class. But it ends with a Sex and The City marathon on Netflix with your cat.
  4. You pray that hot guys will attend your classes and hope for the best that they aren't gay nor already in a relationship.
  5. You'll be giving yourself that motivational "I'll focus on my studies, I won't go out as much, I'll be more organized, stick to my work and will not procrastinate" speech…. #LOL
  6. Your teachers will send you by e-mail your class' guidelines way before school has even started… How about no, Queen?
  7. Pumpkin Spice Latte will be back at Starbucks and it will literally be the only thing that'll put you in a great mood. 

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  1. You put Tinder back up again, just to see if a hot stud will be on campus. You know, just to show him around… the campus… of even your bed. Your choice. 
  2. Pizza Pockets, Kraft Dinner and Michelinas are on promotion for the whole month in any grocery stores. #FancyCuisine
  3. Even if you "like" going to school, you'll feel like Piper Chapman when she enters Litchfield Penitentiary. #OITNB
  4. You'll wear your best looking outfits on the first week of school because you know it's only a matter of days before you'll show up wearing sweatpants and oversized tops. #LetsBeReal
  5. You're not ready to lose your tan while you sit inside four white walls looking like a glass of milk for the next 9 months. 
  6. Having a SummerBody is no longer part of your priorities.

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