Oh winter! For many, this marks the time to stay indoors until the weather conditions become bearable again, well not for me. I love being outdoors. I've learnt to love more and more winter by going out and practice winter sports. For the first time this year, Audvik offers a coat specially made for ski and winter sports. I'd lie if I told you I was a good skier: I learnt how to skin in my twenties and basically ski less than a dozen times per year. However, this doesn't matter. The important thing here is to have fun. I also go snowshoeing and cross-crountry skiing, two sports that are accessible for those who've never tried it before.! 

That say, I already wore both of my Audvik coats to go outside, even if before my coats were simply made for city life I have nothing bad to say about them. During the last four years, I skied, went snowshoeing, waited for the bus and the list goes on all that as I wore my Audvik coat. Well, for those who love alpine ski, Sophie Boyer, founder of the brand, created a new coat for you guys: waterproof that will keep you warm! This Miami coat has an anti-slip elastic snow guard skirt  to ensure the snow will stay out of your coat!

Today's featured item is offered in several colours such as today's one in red! Made in Montreal, wearing Audvik is supporting not only a local entrepreneur, but supporting Montreal's culture. Love that! 

To see my other looks wearing Audvik this season, you can check my one on one with Sophie, another look with a lovely green coat, and lastly one in a black model. One, two, three… let's go play outside!!!!

_DSC2792 _DSC2846 _DSC2806

I'm wearing:
Coat – Audvik
Boots – Cougar
Trousers – Personal collection
Photos – Vikki Snyder


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