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I rarely do this type of article because I am no superstar, and I don’t know if my self-reflection and dilemmas will interest you guys.  But this week I’m trusting myself and sharing this with you guys because it is fashion related matter after all.  Glasses. That fashionable piece of accessory that can make you look real pretty if it’s chosen carefully.  The problem is that to wear glasses you need an eye doctor; commonly known as optometrist to tell you that your vision isn’t the best.  Then you can start your hunt for your perfect frames. 

As a kid, my brother had everything I wanted. Obviously, he thought I had everything he wanted.  By that I mean he got braces and glasses. Most of you whom encountered the same news as my brother, that you needed those accessories as a kid will tell me I am crazy to have even desired braces or glasses.  But guess what? You always want what you can’t have.  I got over the fact of him having braces pretty quickly.  I realized they were painful and so annoying when eating, but in the 2000’s everybody was getting them, not having them wasn’t trendy and god knows I love trends.  As far as glasses, I don’t know if I am over those still because this is the main reason of today’s blabber article. 


This brings me to 10 years later I still don’t need glasses, and now that I understand what needing glasses really means, I don’t desire them as much. The only time I wish I had some prescription glasses is for those days where I don’t want to apply makeup or when my eyelashes are non-cooperative with the mascara brush.  I feel like I could hide my dark circles behind a fashionable pair of glasses.  So, over all my dilemma this week is whether or not glasses frames without prescription are acceptable to wear in public? Or only for Halloween? Or even, do I offend people that really need them if I wear them as a decoration? Not too long ago I purchased a pair of vintage frames and I am still “iffy” about wearing them in public.  I always wonder am I the only one encountering this dilemma? I feel like I am living a lie but at the same time glasses are my new favourite accessory.  And also, I always ask myself if people know if they are fake.  I rarely lack self-confidence (not scared of ridiculousness, look what I am writing about today HAHA)  but for some reason me wearing nonprescription glasses brings up many debates in my head.  Meanwhile all my beautiful friends needing glasses wear eye contacts to look more like people like me.  Go figure! We really are never happy with what we get. 

What do you think? Are you a “fake” glasses fashionista or a rock the contacts type of gal? and if you encounter ridiculous dilemmas like this one share it with us in the comment section below. I broke the ice after all!

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