I'm not someone who dresses in a retro style like Dita Von Teese, it's just not me, I feel like my tan is blocking me from experimenting that fashion style. Or simply it's all in my head. Go figure! But sometimes, I take the leap. 

During our latest photo shoot, I brought with me an ensemble from Boutique Onze that instantly made me feel retro: a knee-length skirt with lots of volume and a pink blouse that has a bow at the front. I could only have fun by twirling around and dance: I felt like I was transported in the 40s… or maybe I got the decade wrong. Who knows. 

We love fabrics that don't wrinkle and short sleeves blouse that can be worn both during summerime and winter. Indeed, this might not be a holiday outfit, but still remain chic to "get the job done" and could easily be worn in spring for an Easter brunch!

Midi length skirts are in the fashion. To wear them in a more modern way, might as well add white sneakers and a sweater (perhaps even a t-shirt instead). Suddenly, it becomes a current look and yet, a retro hint remains.


LeCahier_CMA_4506 LeCahier_CMA_4508 LeCahier_CMA_4520

I'm wearing:

Top – Boutique Onze

Skirt – Boutique Onze

Pumps – Aldo

Location – Loews Hôtel Vogue

MUA – Ann-Frédérique Tremblay 

Photos – Claudia Morin-Arbour

LeCahier_CMA_4516 LeCahier_CMA_4529

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