How can you make your new place feel like home? Try breathing new life into old items by repurposing them. Here are 5 easy DIY projects to add a personal touch to your decor with today’s hottest trends.

1- Wooden spoon à la Pinterest

Sure, you could buy a kit to dip-paint a wooden spoon, they’re sold just about everywhere, but wouldn’t it be great to start from scratch? Unpainted wooden spoons are easy to find for under $5 at large second-hand stores such as Value Village. If you already own one…great! All you need now is some multi-surface paint that’s scratch-resistant. Stores such as DeSerres, Michaels and Dollorama sell little pots of paint in multi-color sets. Now you can make a dip-paint spoon in the color of your choice!

Aren’t these adorable!

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Once done, you’ll likely be tempted to paint all of the wooden items you own…go on, do it! May your palace be Pinterest-worthy.

2- Give boring vases a modern flair

Pick up a vase from a second-hand store, a garage sale or a vintage shop and transform it with a marbled look. That’s exactly what I did with the big round baby pink vase I fell in love with at Value Village. Do you remember that phase last year when marbled fingernails were Hot? All you needed was a little gray nail varnish and a water-tight container. Well, my friends, you can apply the same technique to even the most boring vases! Get ready, cuz you’re going be to hearing a lot of…

“OMG, that’s gorgeous! Where did you buy it?”

You: 😏


3- Give your grandmother’s (ugly, sorry) old cups a new life

C’mon, admit that the cups in the pic make you feel at least a little nostalgic? (Make me cry.) Anyhow, now you’ve got to visit your grandparents so that you can get your grubby little hands on those cups! And yes, you can also find some at second-hand stores (yes, I’m aware than I have an obsession, okay?). Now, you can fill ‘em with cacti, succulents, and more! Check out the plant vendor that’s always at the exit of the Mont-Royal metro station, or… you could participate in this gigantic ever-popular annual sale of (bargain-priced) plants! Details HERE. (Put it in your agenda right now!)

Grandmother: “Is that my cup?”

You: “Nooo.”   🙄

4- Brighten your entrance with macrame

I’ve never really given much thought to the entrance of the 4 apartments I’ve lived in. Up until recently, my new place was in serious need of color and freshness. I’ve made a promise to myself to make a little something to add to the exotic feel of my humid basement apartment (maybe it’ll also cut down the humidity?) You just need to buy a strong ring of some kind and a few rolls of twine in your favourite colours and start knotting like there’s no tomorrow! It’s sort of a throwback to my childhood when I used to make the uber popular multi-coloured braided bracelets.

Friends: “Can you make one for me too, please?”

(You know, just a little something to make people jealous!)


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5- Works of art worthy of the Louvre

My Mom is totally obsessed with finding (not-so-cute) works of art at garage sales and second-hand stores. She tells me that every “find” is a real wonder and what makes it all the more interesting is that we’ll never really know its “story”. So, here a simple little DIY, in her honour: get the ugliest possible objects you can find and give them several coats of multi-surface paint (yup, we’re painting again…remember the wooden spoons?). Use a little masking tape to make straight lines!

In my opinion, the resulting creations will make a nice change from the frames Ikea sells!

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Small budget, lots of possibilities!

Share your DIY creations with us! We’d love to see them!

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