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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you wear jewelry?

Is it to accessorize and look more “put-together”? Or does it go deeper than that?

So often we get up in the morning, pick out an outfit and mindlessly reach for the same jewelry day in, day out. Other times, we may stand in front of the mirror trying to decide which necklace and earrings work best for the look we’re going for on that day.

Then, there are those times where we put on a favourite piece of jewelry and travel to a very emotional place. We remember the beachfront boutique where we bought it on vacation, or that moment our heart skipped a beat because the jewel in the tiny box was a true gift of love.

Jewelry Tells Your Story

Jewelry is part of the human experience. We have been adorning ourselves since the beginning of time. Archeologists believe that even as far back as 75,000, necklaces and bracelets made of shell beads were an emblem of a person’s rank and membership in a particular group or tribe.

Rich in symbolism, jewelry can be a reflection of our values, status, beliefs, culture, accomplishments, conquests and milestones in life. It is a way we tell the world a little about who we are.

Think of school rings, a cross necklace or hand of Fatima, the Claddagh ring, birthstones, headdresses, the Crown Jewels… they all give us a glimpse into the life of the person wearing it.

You may also have noticed that “heirloom jewelry” is a big trend right now. Heirloom jewelry is jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes it is an antique that has been in the family for decades. Today’s trend is actually to have that special piece of jewelry created that will stay in the family and keep the family’s story alive until the end of time.

Heirloom Jewelry

Some of my personal heirloom pieces from my grandmother and great grandmother that I will treasure forever.

Source: Kate Hubley

Conversation Starters

How many times has this happened to you? You are out at a party and someone says out of the blue: “Oh, I love your necklace.” You say “thank you” and tell them all about it. It was a gift from a special someone, you inherited from your great-grandmother, you bought it for yourself to celebrate your new job, you saw it in a gallery and connected with the meaning behind it… Yes – jewelry is a real ice-breaker.

Titanium and Diamond Ring

Bold contemporary titanium and diamond ring by award-winning Montreal designer Christine Dwane

Source: Christine Dwane

Jewelry Can Even Be Rather Empowering

I work at the bench (i.e. I create with my hands, which can be a dirty business) so I am always in desperate need of a good manicure. Truth be told, sometimes I leave the studio looking pretty scraggly. However, slip on a great pair of heels and well-chosen jewels and all is forgiven: I have the confidence to shake hands with anyone!

Tomorrow, when you put on your jewelry, ask yourself what you are telling the world. Show us your jewelry, tell us why you chose it and what memory or emotion it evokes. We’d love to read your story.

Jewelry and pumps

A peek at my favourite go-to shoes and jewellery.

Source: Kate Hubley


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