One of the benefits of my work as a blogger is the opportunity to travel once a month. I mark each destination with a push-pin on my world map. The number of pins has gradually increased over the years and I hope to add many many more!

So far, I’ve visited: Canada (haha), the USA (several times), Mexico (several times), Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Barbados, Bahama, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, France, the United Kingdom (including the Turkish Isles), Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Thailand, and French Polynesia. This might seem like a lot for some people. I’m a little embarrassed to admit however that I believe I’ve only seen a tiny part of the world (especially because I’ve never set foot on the African continent – although it won’t be long before I do). In the meantime, let’s travel together; even if it’s only in our imaginations.

  1. South Africa

It’s THE one country I talk nonstop about with my friends. I dream of its beaches, its nature reserves, its national parks, and so on. I’m equally fascinated by the country’s history and the people who inhabit the land. I want to see the wildlife other than behind the bars of a zoo.

afrique, voyage


  1. Morocco

I have friends, natives of Morocco, who speak of the country lovingly and at length. Remnants of eras in the country’s long history are easy to imagine even in modern-day Morocco. I want to drink in the sight of both desert and sea. I want to wander the souks and taste the spices for which the country is famous.

maroc, désert, voyage



  1. Croatia

One of my friends bicycled his way through the country and loved it! The idea really appeals to me, as a lover of the outdoors, and I’ve no doubt that I would enjoy the experience every bit as much as my friend did. I’d love to visit the old towns reminiscent of days gone by.

croatie, voyage


  1. Sri Lanka

Someone spoke to me of Sri Lanka a few weeks ago when I was attending a friend’s wedding. I must admit it had never crossed my mind but that conversation cinched it… I knew with utmost certainty that I would enjoy discovering Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, Paysage


  1. India

I’ve often been told that visiting India would be a unique experience that would change me forevermore. India is a large heavily populated country whose beauty would likely bring me to tears on more than one occasion. I long to spend time among its warm-hearted people.



  1. Iceland

I know, Iceland has become The popular destination among avid travelers. Merely looking at photographs of the country’s scenery takes my breath away so I can hardly imagine what it would be like to actually Be there. I yearn to backpack my way through the countryside.

Iceland, voyage


  1. Australia

It’s. So. Big. This surfer’s paradise, renowned for its beaches, has stolen more than one of my friends (they moved there) and I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Australia offers much to discover!



  1. Greece

This is one country I want to visit with the love of my life. Just the two of us, wrapped up in romance for a few dreamy weeks, in this land of gleaming white houses and deep blue sea. I’d like to go boating and simply take it easy.

grèce, voyage


  1. Brasil

What fascinates me most about this immense country is its history and culture. Although a lot of people think it’s dangerous, I think it’s a matter of being very prudent. I fervently hope that I’ll have enough time to explore both the coastline and the jungles of Brasil!  

brésil, voyage


  1. Puerto Rico

Surfers love Puerto Rico, and although it might seem like a less-than-exotic destination, I’ve dreamt of it ever since I was a young girl because I had an aunt who lived there and I longed to visit her.

puerto rico



I know it might sound like a lot but there are so many MORE places I could have included; Argentina, Columbia, the Honduras, Madagascar, Germany, Vietnam and more… As I write these lines, I’m struck with the realization that I hunger to expand my travels no matter the cost. Tell me, what destinations would you have added to this list?

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