Oh Tahiti. When I heard this word, Bora Bora usually comes to mind, crystal blue water, volcanic mountains and the list goes on. The French Polynesia makes one dream. For many, it's the ideal honeymoon destination. However, very few truly knows about this country and options that are available. No, according to me, I don't think Tahiti is only reserved for staying at a resort and tanning by the beach. Indeed, that's possible, but there is so much more to discover! I've decided to give you a 10-day itinerary that will make you discover 3 islands (I'll give you the choice between two islands on day 3,4 and 5). 

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Day 1 & 2 : Papeete

That's when you land. French Polynesia's capital has lots to offer to tourists, even if for many, it's simply a quick stop before boarding another plan to your beach resort. The city counts a huge market perfect to discover local products. In Papeete, I'd recommend you in getting your food from food trucks that are pared right by the water in the city center each evening, great setting for a dinner if you ask me. On your second day, you can make your way to Teahupoo, which is where surfers from all around the world gather. Whether you like this sport or not, it's truly an impressive sight (I'll write more on the subject in an upcoming article). If time isn't running out, why not venture in the water on a Va'a, traditional boat. It looks like a long boat with the ream and will keep you active, and if you feel to warm, simply dive in the water. 

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Day 3-4-5: Rangiroa or Bora Bora

On your third day, hop on a plane towards Rangiroa or Bora Bora according to your budget with the right accommodations that will suit your wallet. On both islands, it is possible to swim with sharks, see manta rays, go deep-sea diving or snorkeling. These three days will thus be centered towards nautical activities. If you stay in Rangiroa, before leaving, do not forget to visit the pearl farm to know how we obtain this beautiful jewel!

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Day 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 :Moorea Island

Instantly fell in love with this island since it's possible to do all kinds of activities from hiking, driving in a 4×4, meeting locals and understanding their cultures during those activities such as braid flowers (yes, women indeed wear these flower crowns), dive, snorkeling and the list goes on. Moorea, like Tahiti are islands with several mountains which means anyone who loves the outdoors will be on cloud nine. Since you would have seen the beach for quite some time, I'd recommend to concentrate your time in the jungle in order to discover its wonders.

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Day 10: Papeete

At this point, might as well head back to the country's capital before flying back home. Not too far from the city center are small huts by the water where locals love to commute by boat for a picnic and celebrate. Why not join the party? 

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Stay tuned, during my upcoming articles, I'll describe a variety of activities that I was able to try during my stay on all 3 islands. Moreover, I'll also recommend you a few accommodations places located on all different islands. I hope this gave your the will to go on an adventure and discover this incredible piece of heaven located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


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